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One-Day  Shanghai Jewish Heritage Tour

Tour Code: SHZJ- 03                 团       号:SHZJ-03
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Tour Type: budget tour, sightseeing, cultural journey
Attraction: Ohel Rachel Synagogue,  Ohel Moishe Synagogue .now Peace Hotel or used to be called Sassoon House. The Bund . children in Shanghai.
Highlight: During the Second World War, a large number of Euro-Jews were forced to escape from Nazi persecution, and seek for the temporary inhabitancies. Shanghai was the only place without needing visa and treasure guarantee then. They called Shanghai “Noah’s Ark”. And now there are lots of tracks that you can visit and memorize, to learn the Jewish stories in Shanghai.This one-day tour will lead you to track the Jewish buildings left through history in Shanghai.

Tour Itinerary: 

8:00am ~ 9:00am Pick-up and tour commencement
Take a tour of the famous Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum & Ohel Moshe Synagogue
Visit Huoshan Park (monument)
Partake in a lunch feast featuring the local Chinese cuisine
Enjoy a walking tour of the famous Zhoushan Road
Visit the Former Site of the Jewish Refugees’ Shelter
Take a tour of Ohel Rachel Synagogue
now Peace Hotel or used to be called Sassoon House

Our guide will pick you up from you hotel at about 9am. Drive to the Hongkou District, where Japanese army in the Second World War forced Jewish refugees to live in. your Shanghai tour begins with a visit to Ohel Moishe Synagogue, Ohel Moishe Synagogue  was built in 1927, and now hosts a museum dedicated to the history of the Jewish experience in Shanghai.  During WWII this area was the home of approximately 20,000 refugees from Central Europe. There’s a fascinating video that gives the Chinese a chance to highlight their openness to Jewish immigration over the decades. In particular, that while most other countries restricted immigration of Jews trying to escape from the Nazi holocaust, China had open borders.

Continue your tour to Huoshan Park. Just inside the gate sits the only memorial to Shanghai’s European Jewish refugees. Then visit the Russian Jewish Club, eventually became a club for the whole community. Since the Russians were the greatest Zionists in China, news of the establishment of the state of Israel, including Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion’s Speech, was read to the community at the Jewsih Club in 1948. The site is now used by the Shanghai Music Conservatory.

Lunch is served in a Chinese restaurant at about 12:30pm. You can do a-la-carte according to your eating habits.

In the afternoon, your Shanghai tour goes on with a visit to Ohel Rachel Synagogue Historically the Ohel Rachel Synagogue stands as the most prevalent representation of Jewish presence within Shanghai's development. The structure was the first of seven Synagogues that would be built within the city, and today remains as one of only two still standing. Though years of dormancy and disrepair took their toll on the synagogue, the city embraced the historical significance of the building, declaring it a historical landmark in 1993

Then go to The Bund . , now Peace Hotel or used to be called Sassoon House, was founded also by Sir Jacob Sasson in 1929. It’s the first building that had more than 10 storey in the modern time, the inside decoration were so elegant and luxurious that became a big hit in China when opened.

The last stop of this Shanghai tour will be Kadoorie House, No. 64 Yan’an Road in Jing’an District. The Kadoorie family were originally Iraqi Jews from Baghdad. In the late 19th century, Sir Elly Kadoorie came to Shanghai from British, founded his electricity and hotel business. His son Sir Horace Kadoorie was also a famous industrialist, among the family’s philanthropies was a school that became a haven for Jewish refugee children in Shanghai. The Kadoorie family had gone through times of political and social changes in China, but always generous to help Jewish and Chinese. The house was founded in 1924, made of tons of marbles. In 1953, the house became Children’s Palace, so till now, this marble palace is the activity center for thousands of children in Shanghai.

At about 17:00, this Shanghai tour will come to an end. We’ll send you back to your hotel, or other downtown place you designate.

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