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----Top Activities for Kids in Shanghai

Shanghai, being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of Asia, is rife with interesting attractions and things to do. This amazing city has something for every enthusiastic traveler, no matter their age or interests. The city flaunts numerous kids-friendly attractions.Shanghai is the most prosperous city in China and there are plenty of things to do here whatever you are interested in. Besides the numerous museums, parks, gardens and skyscrapers, Shanghai has still has much interesting street culture to explore. Here we have a helpful list of fun things, old Shanghai architectures and things to do with kids.

Shanghai's best attractions for kids

Shanghai is often referred to as the “Paris of the East”, known for it’s bustling, cosmopolitan vibe and its position as a hub of commerce and industry. Rich in Chinese culture, infused with vestiges of British and French concessions, Shanghai is surprisingly an ideal, family-friendly destination.

The city abounds with many open park spaces where locals gather to practice tai-chi (or morning exercises) in beautiful manorial gardens.

It is easy to entertain your children in Shanghai as the city has many kids friendly attractions. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Covering a touch & feel pool where your kids can pick up urchins.  Century Park Shanghai has large square for flying kites. In the Fuxing Park, there are lot of amusement facilities and activities for kids.

the Wild Animal Park,
Shanghai Wild Animal Park will be a good option that you can bring your kids to. With more than ten thousand of 200 different kinds of animals, Shanghai Wild Animal Park is the largest wild animal park in the whole China. In most areas you can walk and go near the animals. But in some areas there are dangerous animals so you will need take a car or bus. The park is a little far from downtown Shanghai, but you will find it worth the time spent on the road.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Covering 
in Lu Jia Zui is one of the largest aquarium in Asia. With the 14,000 rare creatures of more than 300 kinds, it cerntainly will give your kids several happy hours. There is another aquarium in Shanghai, which is Aquaria 21 in the west of Shanghai. It is located at the bottom of a small lake in Chang Feng Park. While Aquaria 21 is a little smaller than Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, it has an interesting selection of animals, including almost 200 sharks! There are no large sharks among them, but what's good is that you could actually go down and swim with them. Maybe it is too scary for young kids. But at least waching so many should be a sight!

Shanghai Natural Wild-Insect Kingdom
 If it creeps, crawls, slithers or swims, chances are you’ll find it at the Shanghai Natural Wild Insect Kingdom. China’s first live bug and pet museum, the 3,000 square metre facility houses more than 300 live creatures, including turtles, monkey's and the inevitable bugs. 

欢乐谷:Shanghai Happy Valley
The best attraction for kids would probably be Happy Valley, which is a very large amusement park. Happy Valley is divided into seven zones with different themes: "Happy Hour", "Gold Mine Town", "Ants Kingdom", "Typhoon Bay", "Sunshine Beach", "Shanghai Bund", "Sunshine". Each of them offer a lot of entertaining items. Among them there are several roller coasters. And the largest one "Wooden Coaster-Fireball" is quite impressive. In such a large amusement park, most children will easily find many happy hours.

If your kids are not too young, going to a park, like  Century Park Shanghaior Gong Qing Forest Park, will also be a good choice. They are large, beautiful, green and could provide activities like riding a bicycle or rowing a small boat. It will fun and fresh air for your kids.

 Century Park Shanghai
Century Park is the biggest park in Shanghai, the park has 13 part of area for sightseeing, it combine with a children's playground, leisure cycling, sightseeing car, lake cruise, green maze, fishing areas, recreation areas and feeding pigeon area, meanwhile there are exhibition hall, coffee bar, Century restaurant, be tolerant to diversity cultural home and a mall food store. It is a nice place for parents with kids flying kites; rent a tandem bike cycling around the park, or have fun in children amusement park.

 Eday Town 星期八小鎮
Shanghai Eday town is the first live educational patterns center, it is a theme park for children from aged 3 to 13 to create the role-playing, nearly 7,000 square meters venue, with 2 / 3 ratio to create real life scenarios, inside there is variety of facilities lined in the streets, and different styles of architecture, gathering with different brand shops and factories. Here, the 4-year-old dentist; 5-year-old female anchor; firefighters only 6 years old, 7-year-old driver, 9-year-old pilot and police, it can be help your children stimulate their potential and interest, and their co-ordination; teamwork, ability to get along with others; ability to overcome setbacks through hands-on participation experience, the Eday Town can provide children with a large field of 8, 50, 70 types of jobs, children are free to choose a favorite character for himself. Like the real world. In order to develop children's independence, ensure the process are not being interrupted; most of the venue are not allow adults accompany but parents can watching the children the whole playing process through the glass window. The eday town is focus on the children try to do the adult’s do, parents are more often played the role of the audience, look at their child's growth.

Shanghai Animation & Comics Museum
Certainly one of the more interesting (if not strangest) museums in Shanghai, the Animation & Comics Museum is a load of fun for both children and adults. The three-story museum in Pudong is a fully interactive experience, complete with a 3D movie theater and a center for you and the little ones to create your own animated mini-film.

disc go-karting club shanghai
Great indoor track. Large groups can rent the entire course. View Nearby Things to Do, Restaurants, Nightlife and Hotels
Opened since 1997, this club features a spacious, 4,500 square-meter indoor track, which means speed racers get plenty of chances to put their foot down on the gas pedal. Thirsty and hungry visitors can refuel and recharge at the track side pub and cafe.
Jinjiang Amusement Park(锦江乐园) is the oldest, with more than 20 years of history, and still the best amusement park in Shanghai. It has the only roller coaster in urban Shanghai, and a lot of other interesting facilities, including the classic pirate ship, Super Swing, Brave's Swirl and etc. Check here for a list of the facilities: http://www.jjlysh.com/04Equipment.htm.
Lots of the facilities can give you fun and excitement. And still some of them look much less "dangerous" and are suitable for kids. It is definitely the best place to go if you or you kids are looking for some fun

Dino Beach
Dino Beach, which is located at Xinzhen Road of Minhang District, is the only aquatic theme park in Shanghai. During summer, it is the best place to go where you can throw yourself in the water and enjoy the fun from the numerous entertainment facilities in the park.

Jinshan City Beach
Jinshan City Beach if they are looking to beat the heat by gaining access to nearby sand and surf. Jinshan is no tropical paradise, but it is a decidedly pleasant diversion (as it is of the city’s biggest seafood market, an amusement park and rides, annual kite flying competitions, volleyball tournaments, and nearly 6,000 feet of beachfront promenade). That said, Jinshan is hardly sufficient to serve the entire population of China’s largest city when the temperature starts to rise.

 Huangpu River Cruise
 Buy tickets on the west side of the river promenade (Bund)  This activity is great for everyone. Take a break from walking and see the buildings on both sides of the river from a tourist boat. Boats leave all day (last one around dusk) and kids usually love the novelty of riding on a boat.

Shanghai Circus World
The Shanghai Circus World is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations among kids. The acts of the acrobats and contortionists the major highlights of the show. The huge auditorium has over 1600 seats and the shows are surely going to take your breathe away. 

In Shanghai Chocolate Dream Park, you can view those vivid chocolate exhibitions and the show of making chocolate sculptures, taste the sweet chocolate and make chocolate souvenirs of your own. It is really a great opportunity to cheer with your sweet kids or retrace your merry childhood. If you are interested in the park, you can contact us to have us tailor-make your own Shanghai tour.

Ride a Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus
The carefully designed tour takes you to all the famous landmarks; from the Jade Buddha temple to the Oriental Pearl Television Tower, from People’s Square to the Bund, Shanghai’s world famous waterfront. Open-top buses run regularly and you are able to hop on and off at a variety of interesting places.
This allows you to visit all the sights you want to see in record time. Or, for a more leisurely pace, enjoy each site for as long as you'd like, and hop on the next scheduled double-decker bus when ready. Tours also offer a taste of Shanghai history while riding. Most tour buses come equipped with tour guides or audio guides of the city.
Address: The City Tour is the longest of the two Big Bus Routes, and incorporates 3 Shanghai districts: Huangpu, Jing’An and Luwan
City Tour - Red Route
Pudong Tour - Blue Route
Opening hours: 6am-9pm

Shanghai Family Tour Description
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Shanghai, being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations of Asia, is rife with interesting attractions and things to do. This amazing city has something for every enthusiastic traveler, no matter their age or interests. 
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