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Hiking&Trekking Xinjiang



Xinjiang Grand tour-Trekking
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In this tour, you'll spend 34 days to enjoy all beautiful and fascinating scenic spots in Beijing and Xinjiang. Also, You can hike so many different mountains in Xinjiang, such as the Mountain Boghda, and full day riding camels with short trekking inside the Taklimakan Desert along the Hotan river towards the Mazartagh and camping.



Taklamakan Desert - Trekking &Crossing Expedition 
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 When you walk in this old part, when you watch these local men who are making some handcrafts with super and old skill in wood carving, I am sure you will feel as if you were back to hundreds of years ago. I am sure you never believe such old techniques are still used today in this part of the World if you are not here.


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