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 Coach tours style ( Panda Bus )
Xi'an sits on an ancient site and there are layers of cities of different names beneath and around you.  The land is fertile, renewed yearly by the silt from the Yellow River.  Since the age of nomads, people have settled in this rich land to take advantage of the relatively flat landscape, ready water, and ease of travel.  It's a toyland for the archaeologists.

Do you hate to travel alone? Do you want to join a group so that you can make new friends? Is your budget tight? 你是不是讨厌独自旅行?你是不是想加入一个可以交到新朋友的团队游?你的预算紧张吗?

Join our seat-in-coach tours!加入我们的散客拼团游吧!

What is Seat-In-Coach Tour ( Panda Bus ) ?什么是拼团游(熊猫旅游)?

Seat-in-coach means you join others on the same tour, and thereby the tour cost is considerably cheaper than a private tour.拼团游意味着你与其他人在一个团队进行旅游,比起包车游,你的旅游花费会便宜很多。

Most foreign visitors to China will only visit few major attractions, namely Beijing, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Xian, Terra-cotta Army, Shanghai, Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo and Suzhou... . There are usually two ways to do the sightseeing: one way is to take private vehicle, tour guide... whatever for individuals or groups, as part of a package tour; the other way is to take the tourism bus, as named Seat-in-coach tour.  ( Panda Bus ) Seat-in-coach tour is a comparatively less expensive way of sightseeing. A tourism Bus (with English speaking guide) will go to pick up the passengers from different hotels in the morning, then go to visit the major scenic spots together. Our tour guide will contact the passengers the night before to set a departure time with you for the next morning. The price is fixed and same for whatever number of people.大多数的外国游客到中国只参观中国的一些主要景点,如北京的紫禁城,长城,西安的兵马俑,上海,桂林,丽江,阳朔和苏州等。有两种方法可以完成旅游:一种是包车游加导游……然而对于个别人、团队,或部分背包客来说,乘坐旅游车,开始拼团游也是不错的选择。一辆旅游车(带英语导游)早上从不同的而酒店去接游客,然后去参观景点。我们的导游会在旅游开始的前一天晚上联系游客。每个人的价格都是固定且相同的。

Features of Seat-in-coach tours:散客拼团的特点:

  • It's cheaper than private tours. 比包车游更便宜。
  • It is not so flexible as a private tour, but you may have a lot of new friends coming from all over the world. 或许没有包车游灵活,但是你可以遇见赖在世界各国的游客,还可以交到新朋友。

How to book Xi'an seat in coach tours   如何预订西安散客拼团游

1. Please do let us know your full name on passport and the name you used to reserve hotel room; otherwise it is not easy for our tour guide to get in touch with you in the evening before tour date.  请把您护照上的全名和预订酒店用的姓名告诉我们,否则在旅游开始的前一天晚上,我们的导游就不会很方便的联系到您。
2. We will provide Chinese address of this hotel for your print when we confirm this tour. You may just show the address to taxi driver. 当我们确认行程以后,会为您提供酒店的中文名称和地址。您只需要将它给出租车司机看看,司机就会送您回来。
3. Your flight numbers and arriaval date if you need to book our airport pick up service如果您需要我们的机场接送服务,那么请您告知您的准确到达或离开时间,以及您的航班号。

4 .Just fill out the online reservation form, or send your travel request to  inquire@chinauniquetour.com  then our tour advisors will contact you with your detail tour information.A phone number and email address where we can easily reach you您只需填写在线预定表,或者将您的旅游要求发至inquire@chinauniquetour.com这样我们的旅游顾问将会根据您的信息与您取得联系。请那您将您的电话或邮箱号码留下,以方便我们联系您。

5. You are also welcome to call us at + 86 029 87238990 If you have a last minute booking or an urgent matter after our normal office hour, please call 86 13488197185 ( 24 hours ).我们也欢迎您致电86 029 87238990,如果您需要紧急预订,或者在我们的工作日以后,您还可以联系86 13488197185.

6.  The tour doesn't need the pre-payment and deposit require, the tour guide will pick-up you from the hotel, the payment charge can be settled directly to the local tour guide in cash when you arrive. Both RMB and hard currency are acceptable我们的旅游没有预先支付或存款需求,我们的导游会从酒店去接您,当导游接到您的时候,您可以直接付给导游。人民币或其他硬通货币种都可以。

What Payment   ( Panda Bus ) ?如何付款(熊猫车)?

1. pay our tour guide in cash in xi'an (USD and Chinese currency are both acceptable). 


2. transfer payment to bank account of our company at least 3 weeks before tour date请在旅游活动开始至少三周以前将费用转到我们公司的账户

3. PayPal .(Need 4% transfer fee)支付宝(需要4%的手续费)


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