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Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve Lies

Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve of Shaanxi is located in Zhouzhi County in the foothills of the Qinling Mountain Range. It borders Lao Xian Cheng Nature Reserve to the west and Xiao Wang Jian Forest Farm to the east. Established in 1987, this nature reserve is dedicated to rescuing injured or sick animals from the wild and protecting their species from extinction. Occupying an area of 56,393 hectares, it is home to many of China’s indigenous species, including giant pandas, golden monkeys, takins, crested ibis and brown-eared pheasants.

Zhouzhi county. It is located between from 107 39E to 108 19E and from 33 41N to 33 57N. It is south. In the west it is adjacent to Laoxiancheng Nature Reserve and joins Houzhenzi Forest Farm to the north.It covers an area of 56393 hectares. The climate here is moist and rainy with steep terrain. There are luxuriant Forest, fine vegetation and intact ecosystem. The Forest cover rate is as high as 90.5%, as a result of which. It is easy to evaporate from rain and also it is conducive to intercept rain and conserve them. There are 15 rivers within the reserve altogether which all converge into Heihe river. In the whole year the water in the river is so clear that you can see to the bottom, only when the storms come, it occasionally turns turbid. But if the rain stops for a while, it will immediately turn into deep blue. What`s more, the quality of its water is fine. As a result, it is main water catchment for Heihe river Water Supply Project of Xi`an.

In Autumn The reserve`s climate is temperate continental

monsoon. The annual average temperature is 6.4-8.4 , with rainfall of 600-1100mm.

Among four seasons, summer is shorter and winter is longer. Autumn is often rainy, In early spring, the remained snow still

spreads over the earth.  Until the middle April, It begins to melt.

The reserve features luxuriant forest areas and fine vegetation, with about 90% of its total area covered with forest. The area’s climate is moist and rainy with a short summer, a long winter, an average temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius and annual precipitation between 600 and 1,100 mm. The terrain is mountainous, high in the south and low in the north and the soil is mainly brown ballast.

Qinling Mountain is the watershed between Northern and Southern China, and the dividing line of subtropical climate and temperate climate. Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve of Shaanxi is situated just within the Qinling Mountain area, one of the world’s richest areas of biodiversity. It is estimated that over 300 species of vertebrates inhabit the area, including 29 species of wildlife protected by the state.


Zhouzhi is also one of China’s four giant panda research bases, and the lovable giant panda is undoubtedly the highlight of the reserve. The giant panda is regarded as a living fossil that has been in existence for about 7 to 8 million years and has managed to survive while other species of corresponding periods have died out. The giant panda is native to Western China. Today, the precious and childlike giant pandas with their air of charming naivety are the most popular stars in Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve of Shaanxi.

It is more interesting that the distribution of them is in the far north. The plant kingdom is complicated and manifold. It is characterized by old age, strong transition and conspicuous vertical distribution. With the increase of altitude, the vegetation from bottom to top are classified with composite forests of coniferous trees and broad-leaved trees(1000-2500m), birch grove(2200-2800m) and subalpine coniferous forest(2700-2900m). At present 1069 species of seed plants have been identified. Induding


464 species of ligneous plants and 605 herbaceous plants, which take up 34.2% of the total seed plants in Qinling Mountains. Among them, there are over 90 species of fruit trees, 170 species of medical plants, 12 aromatic plants and over 130 ornamental plants. There are 19 rare plants receiving national key protection, which constitute 42% of the rare plants(45) in shaanxi province.To protect the variety of living things is the common cause of the whole human being. It has attracted great attention of many far-sighted personage. Zhouzhi natural reserve is carrying out the management items of China`s natural reserve subsidized by Global Environment Fund(that is GEF item). The enforcement of GEF item will be conducive to improve the management standards and general quality of natural reserve. It will more validly bear the responsibility of protecting the variety of living things. 

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