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Yuhua Palace

As a AAA-level Scenic Spot ratified by the National Tourism Administration, Yuhua Palace is known as a natural “oxygen bar” with a beautiful environment in the forest and a high percentage of negative oxygen ion, which is very good to one’s health. There are six areas in the scenic spot: the cultural relics area, sightseeing area, Buddhist culture area, flourishing Tang Dynasty culture area, shopping area and entertainment, dining, accommodation and recreation area. There are altogether 108 tourist attractions in the scenic spot. Tourists can take part in the activities of climbing ropes, fishing, boating, mah-jong playing contests (mah-jong, also called mah-jong solitaire, is a classic traditional Chinese game for four persons) and riding. It is great to listen to the whistling of the pine trees and appreciate the vegetation and enjoy the different scenes in different seasons here.

Yuhua Palace: it is the ruins of Yuhua Temple, the temporary imperial abode of the emperors during the Flourishing Tang Period (713-756, during the reign of the emperor Xuanzong) of Tang Dynasty (618-907). However, the emperors of the early Tang began to build palace here. The Emperor Gaozu (Reign time: 618-627), the first emperor of Tang Dynasty, built Renzhi Palace here. Emperor Taizong (Reign time: 627-650) enlarged the palace to be Yuhua Palace, which was composed of several rows of halls. The famous Buddhist monk Xuanzang (604-664) stayed here for four years after he went on a pilgrimage to India and took back the Buddhist scriptures. He translated the Sutra of Highest Wisdom (Projna) from Sanskrit into Chinese and died on February 5th, 664 in the temple. Some precious cultural relics relative to Xuanzang are preserved in the National Museum in Beijing , such as the stone sculpture of Buddha’s footprint made by Xuanzang and the stone sculpture of the Buddha’s seat of Jinggang Buddha (Jinggang is Buddha’s warrior attendant). The niches for statues of Buddha, the grottoes, the statues of Buddha and the stone sculptures in Shanhu Valley (West Palace) and Guoyu Valley (East Palace) are preserved well and are of great importance to scientific researches. In one of the stone rooms is a Buddha’s statue, on the side of which are carved 20 Chinese words showing that this is a statue that Xuanzang had had people to cut in 663. In the recent years, some ruins of ancient porcelain kilns and metal smelting ruins have been excavated in Yuhua Palace Site, which is very important to the history of porcelain making in China and the history of metal smelting in Tongchuan.


Yu Hua Palace Skiing 

Yuhua Palace in winter, water weaving show, snow, “Yushu” pear, towering 30 meters of ice flow reactor tower and over and over like a blossoming creamy “ice Lotus” amazing people. more splendid, wonderful ice, Ice works just like people to enter the dream-like paradise. Yuhua Palace festival 1998, the year in mid-December to late February next year in Tongchuan Yuhua Palace Scenic Spot organized. Yuhua Palace abundant snow festival in the resources and tourism and cultural products as the basis, carefully planned each year a specific theme and focus on this theme, to carry out Ice, ice sculpture garden exhibition activities and single and double board skiing, snow biking, snow ring, dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating speed skating and other sports, ice skiing will Yuhua Palace into a romantic paradise to play, so that visitors can fully experience the Yuhua Palace where the icy world of fantastic unique charm.

Ski West Yuhua Palace Tongchuan in Shaanxi Yuhua Palace and beautiful scenic spots, is the province's first ski resort, is currently the Northwest's largest ski resort. The longest ski Yuhua Palace biggest highlight of the ski, the ski resort of kilometers long. Visitors can also enjoy this colorful festival in the ice and enjoy the Ice, snowman, snow and ice experience the charm.

it is located in Yuhua Palace Scenic Spot and is the largest ski run in northwestern China. In winter, it snows much in the region, and the snow-covering time lasts for three months. The vast expanse of snow and the icicles that are as high as tens of meters really make a magnificent scene. The ski run has an area of 50,000 sq meters. There are three standard ski runs (including the elementary and the mid-leveled runs) which have an average width of 50 meters and a length of 600 meters each. The management of the scenic spot has invited some skiing instructors from northeastern China to help the tourists to learn the necessary skiing skills within a short time and enjoy skiing. The multi-functioned hall situated at the entrance of the ski run has an area of 260 sq meters. It is a place for tourists to rent outfit for skiing and deposit their luggage. They can even listen to music and have a cup of coffee at the music saloon or in the coffee house. What’s more, tourists can enjoy skating at a skating rink that has an area of more than 3,000 sq meters. They can also appreciate the ice carving, ice lamps and pile a snowman and enjoy the snow here.

Entertainment: skating, sledge pulled by dogs, ice fishing, etc., or free viewing of Ice, ice.
Spots: Xiao into hospital sites, Xuanzang Memorial Hall, cave temples.
Getting There: Bus Station in the north of the city of Xi'an railway station or sent to the Tongchuan by long-distance car, get off the bus after the switch to Tongchuan sent to the North off the tourist buses to the Yuhua Palace Yuhua Palace.
Directions: West on the copper from Xi'an high-speed, high-speed copper golden yellow off (Jiaoping) exports of high-speed, 20 km along the road that is Highway 305 to the area. Related to the area from the golden road signs along the guide are shown.
cenic Spots: 41 yuan (including sites) 5 million (ski tickets)
Ski Price: two hours of 160 yuan / person, day to 400 yuan / person

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