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Best Places to Ski in Xi'an

Xian in China is a world-renowned tourist city. Besides a large number of world-famous tourist attractions, Xian is also home to some fabulous ski resorts. Tours to Xian China will refresh you.

Yuhua Palace Ski Resort
Yuhua Palace Ski Resort is ideally located in Yuhua Palace Scenic Area which is a well-preserved natural secondary forest area. The ski trail is surprisingly as long as over 1,000 meters. Yuhua Palace Scenic Area is a wonderland where you can go skiing, skating, ice fishing, build a snowman and enjoy the fantastic ice engravings. Yuhua Palace plays host to the annual Ice and Snow Festival.

Taibai Mountain Ski Resort
Taibai Mountain Ski Resort comfortably lies in Taibai Mountain National Forest Park which is a National AAAA Tourist Attraction, roughly 110 kilometers to the east of Xian. Taibai Mountain Ski Resort has introduced the advanced technology and management expertise from abroad. Taibai Mountain Ski Resort, covering an area of roughly 53,333 square meters, can hold approximately 4,000 skiers at one time. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. You can also play snow volleyball and snow football, go snow cubing, snowmobile and bicycling, etc.
Entertainment: snow motorcycle, snow bike, snow sledge, snow flying saucer, snow football, snow volleyball, snow gyro and so on.


Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort
Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort is the only natural ski field in Xian and the largest ski resort in Shaanxi Province. It is ideally situated in Cuihua Mountain National Geopark which is a National AAAA Tourist Attraction. The altitude of Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort is roughly 1,200 meters, and the average width of the ski trail is 50 meters. Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort is one of the most accessible and popular ski fields in Xian. Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort has introduced from Austria the advanced snow-making and snow-packing machines. With other excellent facilities, Cuihua Mountain Ski Resort draws a large number of skiers every winter.
 Activities: skiing, sledding, snow tubing.
Price: 35 RMB/person for admission; 80 RMB/hr, 220 RM/day; 100 RMB/hr during holidays, 280 RMB/day during holidays

Fengyu Park Ski Resort
Located in the beautiful Dabei River Scenic Area, this is a huge modern resort with all the latest equipment and utilities. Made for skiers of varying levels, Fengyu Park Ski resort offers amateur to intermediate ski routes.

Activities: skiing, bonfire parties, snow tubing
Price: 15 RMB/person for admission   4 RMB deposit; 60 RMB/hr; 80 RMB/hr during holidays
Tel: 029 8762 8283/8199 3079

Bailuyuan Ski Resort
Located 6 km southeast of Fangzhi Town of Xi'an, this is a ski resort that offers snow tubing, snow fights, snow tracking and more. The resort has the latest snow-making equipment and ski lifts, ensuring skiers the best excursions on the slopes.

Activities: skiing, snow wonderland for kids, snow tubing
Price: 20 RMB/person for admission; 60RMB/hr; 80 RMB/hr on weekends; 100 RMB/hr during holidays
Add: 86 Shuian Lu, Xi’an
地址: 西安市水安路86号
Tel: 029 8261 5366/5133

Winter to the mountains to Taxue really cool. Fresh air makes comfortable, cool breeze tantalizing bursts of thoughts; the endless piles of mountains, open your mind, then sun, the snow crystal can your soul hh washed away, a busy city people, work aside, let us Taxue go!
However, before proceeding to hear the best suggestions explorers.

1, within our capabilities
When the skier's skill level to safely stop, and can avoid obstacles and other piste skiers, the only ski resort to the appropriate higher.

2, aside rest stop
If you stay at rest, to stop the edge of the ski slopes, the full attention and avoid people who slid down from above, when re-entering the ski as well.

3, to prevent collision
Skiing There is a saying, not afraid to fall, afraid of collision. That would rather fall, do not collide, the collision is very dangerous, whether it is hit on someone, or hit a tree, blocking, and is a terrible thing - ranging from contusions, while in fracture .

4, do not take risks
Not alone in the woods, steep slopes and deep valleys skiing. Generally, three or more people to ski is the most secure.

5, security falls
Do not fall free after struggling to sit back as far as possible to quickly lower the center of gravity. Under normal circumstances, can raise their hands and arms, bow down and let it slide down, head down to avoid and prevent rolling.

6, first aid
Usually should learn some basic medical knowledge and first aid, such as the processing time of injury, fractures and other measures to be taken.

7, Science rescue
Find other people injured, do not rush to go free to dispose of and move as soon as possible to the resort ambulance personnel.

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