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Fengyu Park Ski Resort

Xian Feng Yu Manor is "only high-Ski Resort of Xi'an", altitude of 1300 meters, is located in Feng Meiyukou 22 kilometers into the mountain scenery, Castle River scenic area surrounded by the dam. The resort has two slopes, which can accommodate 500 people while skiing; offers single snow ring, double snow saucer entertainment.

Xian Feng Yu estateskifield is setTourismarea , alpine skiing,HolidayVillage for an integrated amusement park, located in the ditchFeng Meiyukou Dam Tourareawithin. The resort has two slopes, the main ski track 280 m long, 50 meters wide, can accommodate 500 peopleski , for kids ski accessories designed to provide double snow saucer, single ski circle. The resort also offers: coffee and tea show, restaurant, farm meal, barbecue buffet and other services.

There is no fuss and depression, only fun and enjoy!

Entertainment: alpine skiing, campfire party, snow circle.
Spots: dragons marsh, large ryongchu, virgin marsh, daughter of Green Lake.

Getting There: From Xi'an to go West, to 53 million km of the dam road ditch, or take 321 or 600 Road to the west and then transfer to University City Symphony Meiyukou the car, get off at Feng Meiyukou There Symphony reception center ski valley manor .

Directions: 1, Feng Meiyukou is 22 km into the mountains to the (dam Mizoguchi); 2, the south gate, hamlet, take the Meridian Symphony yukou thoroughfare from the turntable into the mountains along the West million road straight ahead, 53 km and that To ski; 3, set sail from the provincial stadium, passing Feng Meiyukou dial into the mountains along the west road through the net industry Temple million, nine Longtan, blue sheep off, 1 hour at the mercy of all journeys to reach the national AAA level Scenery District Feng Xian Yu Manor .

Scenic Admission: 25 yuan 1 yuan Insurance
Ski Price: 200 yuan a day usually; weekends and holidays 220 per day
Ski note: First, the skiers ski rental, you should check the snow shoes, ski pole, snowboarding, from the device is intact, that problem can be made to the service change.
two skiers should wear a ski in ski suits, ski wear gloves, face protection, knee pads and other protective gear.
three skiers should raise the self-protection. Better able to control the sliding speed, and snow can avoid obstacles and other skiers trail, the can only to a higher-level ski slopes, please do what.
four skiers in the ski way to pause, to be stuck in the snow Road on both sides, so as not to hinder others.
five skiers in the ski in front of the skiers should be to avoid a collision. If the collision occurs, the responsibility borne by the skiers behind.
six skiers find snow in the slide with a problem, the staff should be asked to help solve.
seven coaches should follow the guidance for beginners, followed by the slow to fast, from junior to senior gradual learning.
eight others injured skiers found not to be easily moved, should be notified as soon as the ambulance personnel to dispose of skiing.
nine, heart disease, high blood pressure and doctors advise patients not suitable for vigorous exercise, not skiing. Not drink and ski.

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