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YUNNAN 25 Minority Nationalities

There are 55 minorities living in China, most of them live in the backward west part, where they have kept their unique cultures and customs for several thousand years, and they celebrate their own festivals which are really colorful and fascinating. Our minority tours will bring you into a colorful ethnic folklore world where you may be intoxicated with exquisite ethnic handcrafts, colorful costumes, elegant buildings, numerous loving legends and delicious cuisines.

 Yunnan is a microcosm of China in the areas of minority affairs and nationality relations . The province has 25 minority groups , nearly half of the country's total ( 56 ethnic groups ) . With such ethnic diversity it is important to ask the question : what criteria are used to determine minority status and classification ? Basically , there are five ways : Race , Language , Culture , Religion , History . In Yunnan race is not a major consideration , as it is in northwest China where caucasian exist , Language and culture , however , are of primary interest because they are the basis for classfying most minority nationalities . Religion plays a role in groups such as the Hui ( Muslims ) who , to all intents and purposes , are Chinese except for their faith . Historical background can sometimes tip the balance in determining the status of a people . The Bai , who have a high cultural level and speak a language

The 25 ethnic groups give a rich patina of diversity and color to the Yunnan scene, contributing with their colorful ethnic costumes, their traditional songs and dances, to the attractive life of the old towns, the villages, the fairs and the festivals. The Water Splashing Festival of the Dai people, the March Fair of the Bai people, the Torch Festival of the Yi people, the unique life style of the Moso people, and the ancient music of the Naxi people, etc. will leave you with a happy memory that will last a lifetime.

Major Festivals of Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan

Beautiful scenery, rare plants and flowers, local specialities? These are all part of the answer, but they are definitely not everything.
Yunnan not only boasts fabulous natural landscapes, but also fascinating ethnic customs.
Yunnan has 25 ethnic groups. The Yi people are part of this big family. They have a long history and unique culture, which over thousands of years has developed into colourful customs with distinctive features.

 March Fair Festival: Also known as the Kwan-yin Fair, is one of the most important festivals. It is held annually at the foot of the Diancang Mountain in the west of Dali city. The fair lasts from the 15th to 20th in the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Of religious origin, it has become a commercial. >> Read more
   Torch Festival: On the 25th of the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the Bai celebrate the annual Torch Festival in a special way. They wear costumes and butcher pigs and sheep for a feast. Children dye their fingernails red with a kind of flower root. >> Read more
  Festival of Dai Ethnic Group  The Water-splashing Festival is the most important occasion in the area, which seems to inject a bit of life into the otherwise uneventful region. The whole community and tourists alike will be out in the streets joyfully joining in a battle of water splashing onto each other during that day. The city turns out to be a sea of billow and spray.  >> Read more
 Bullfighting Festival of Miao Ethnic People:  When the bullfighting festival comes become the competition takes place, the owners will feed their bulls with glutinous rice and sometimes they even sever them one or two liang alcohol Hundreds of other bulls( the bulls will come take part in the event) will be herded to the fighting venue to watch the event and at the same time encourage their hero in the stage. The bull gain the first, second and third places will be awarded by a banner.>> Read more
   Adult Ceremony:The Adult Ceremony, held upon a girl of the Jino ethnic minority reaching fifteen years old or a boy sixteen. To the Jino people, the ceremony is of such great importance as it indicates the transition from childhood into adulthood with both clothing and hairstyles are changed to indicate this fact...>> Read more
 Mule and Horse Fair: The Naxi people have long had a tradition of raising fine horses. Their caravans have remained prosperous over hundreds of years, reaching Dali, Kunming and even Lhasa. During the Ming (CE 1368-1644) Dynasty, the feudal headman from Lijiang, Mude, was even permitted to pay his annual tribute to the emperor in the form of Lijiang horses instead of currency. Since then, Lijiang horse have become well known. With the development of the modern trade economy, Lijiang horses have become a brand name, and therefore an annual horse and mule fair has been formed.  >> Read more

   Knife-Pole Festival of Lisu - the most breathtaking minority festival
The Yi people are a diligent and courageous minority. They adore tigers, fire and the colour black. Many festivals have developed from the ceremonies for worshipping these objects. The Torch Festival is the most elaborate and widely celebrated, with a very strong religious element. 
>> Read more

25 Minorities in Yunnan

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