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Shanghai, Suzhou, Huangzhou, Zhouzhuang

Shanghai is an exciting and dynamic metropolis of 16 million inhabitants located at the mouth of China's Yangtze River.  Since 1842, the city has grown into a massive international port that has attracted people from around the globe.
Tourists to Shanghai will enjoy wonderful Chinese cuisine, comfortable and modern hotels and a city rich in culture and history.
There are many beautiful museums and theatres throughout Shanghai. Visitors can enjoy a visit to the Shanghai Art Museum or the Natural History Museum.
Many people visit Shanghai for its world-class shopping. Nanjing Road is Shanghai's world-famous shopping paradise, however, there are good districts throughout Shanghai. Consumer goods are inexpensive by western standards.

The ancient city of Suzhou is a success story of China's burgeoning modern age. City officials have banned high-rises from the city centre, such that that old city retains its ancient charm while newer suburbs facilitate modern industries and prosperity for locals. The city lives up to its reputation as China's Garden City. Canals, ancient architecture and green spaces give the city a timeless and tranquil ambiance.

Hangzhou is a large city with a reputation as one of the most prosperous cities in the country. Benefiting from a wealth of beautiful natural scenery and picturesque surroundings, the city is perhaps most famous for the West Lake, but it also gets its name firmly on the map for being a major producer of both tea and silk.
Hangzhou is teeming with attractions and a plethora of eye-catching sights. From places of major cultural and historic significance to sites of striking natural beauty, this is a destination sure to please anyone with an eye for aesthetics. Modern facilities and amenities contribute to making this one of China's up and coming visitor destinations.

Coach Tour in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou

             The Lingering Garden     He/Ge Yuan      Yuhua Tai(Rainflower Terrace)

             Suzhou, the city of Gardens and Canals      Huqiu (Tiger Hill)

             Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty      Jichang Garden      Taihu Lake

              The Hanshan Temple     The Surging Wave Pavilion     Qinhuai River

              Suzhou Arts and Crafts Museum      Tomb of Puhaddin

              Lingyin Temple     Oolong Tea Ceremony     West Lake

               XiTang Town     Flower Harbor Park With Gold Fish

              Yuyuan Garden   Jade Buddha Temple(Nanjing Road)   Oriental Pearl TV

               People's Square    Nanjing Road     French Concession Area

              The Bund      Huangpu River      Shanghai Museum

              Xin Tian Di      Peace hotel-northern builing