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Hainan 7 Days Wellness Tour   From 3600RMB

Hainan Island is known for its unspoiled nature, brilliant bright blue sky and unmatched air quality. It is the ideal place to escape the worries of modern life and stress of urban life. On the eastern Coast of the Island, tourist can find and discover various hot springs resorts with water high in minerals and its highly curative effects. This tour will take participants to a few of the best natural hot springs on the Island. You will also experience excellent massage and explore some of Hainan's natural beauty. This is the perfect tour for those who truly need to relax and rejuvenate themselves. You will stay in world class hotels and resorts and enjoy delicious local food. This is an ideal tour for anyone who wants to extend a trip to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing or any other busy Chinese city and relax for a while before returning home. Golf on one of the many international standard golf courses can also be easily included in this tour.

Xi'an 3 Days Honey Moon Tour   From 1500RMB

During the tree days, you not only can visit the hight famous attractions in Xi'an, For instance, Terracotta Warriors&Horses Museum, Huaqing Hot pool, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the ancient City Wall, Bell Tower and Drum Tower and a fantastic place to wonder - the Muslim Street. But also you'll have the special feelings at the International Hot Springs Resort & Spa, which equipped and furnished to a high standard of 5 Star. There are Natural Hot Spring, Hot Spring SPA, Gourmet Country, Wood Villa and Presidential Suite. All of these makes your honeymoon unique and unforgettable.

7 Days HongKone and Sanya Honeymoon Tour

Hong Kong and Sanya, two different cities, will be the right choice for your journey of lifetime. Experience the vibrancy of Hong Kong before relaxing yourselves at the beaches of Sanya, let's bring you a unique and memorable honeymoon tour


12 Days China Honeymoon tour

Looking for a place memorable enough for your once-in-lifetime honeymoon? China can be your right choice. In this honeymoon tour designed for a journey of togetherness, we combine the splendid history and culture of China with some stunning natural beauty, it is the tour that will let you learn about China, let you intoxicate in its fantastic nature, and more over, it is the tour that you will experience Chinese traditional way of wedding ceremony, etc. With us, your honeymoon tour can be unforgettable.

3 Days Experiencing Nanjing & Feeling China Tour

As a brand new notion in tourism, "experiencing tour" is getting more popular these years, it is based on the regular sightseeing, with some special arrangement, let tourists have a chance to get into the local life, instead of simply sightseeing and listening to the explanation passively, experiencing tour makes the tour a game, people can not only enjoy the nice scenery, also, as a game, they are assigned to feel, to explore, to experience on their own, this kind of tour give people an impression which more profound that they would never forget about one place, it breaks the traditional tour and is becoming the mainstream in the tourism industry.