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Jiu Zhai Gou 九寨沟

  Sichuan四川     Chengdu成都   Jiuzhaigou Airport 九寨沟机场   Chengdu International Airport成都国际机场 Jiu Zhai Gou Map 九寨沟地图

  Sichuan, a province in southwest China, boasts many spectacular, breathtaking landscapes. Its capital, Chengdu, is a convenient gateway for visitors to enjoy these world-renowned sceneries. Many airlines and buses connect from here to the various scenic spots. Chengdu is also the home of the Giant Panda Research Base.First on the must see list is Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area, located in Jiuzhai County. Some 460 kilometers (about 286 miles) away from Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou has an unusual ecosystem with dozens of pristine lakes, waterfalls, forests and rare animals. There goes a saying: no mountain is worth seeing after Mt. Huangshan and no other water will be of interest after Jiuzhaigou. If there are 'fairylands' in the world, Jiuzhaigou is certainly one of them. This site has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.四川,中国西南的一个省,拥有许多壮观,令人惊叹的景观。它的省会是成都,一个可以让游客欣赏景点的窗口城市。从这里到各个景点有许多航线和长途公车路线。成都也有大熊猫研究基地。必看景点的第一个就是九寨县的九寨沟风景名胜区。距成都460公里,九寨沟拥有原始湖泊,瀑布,森林和稀有动物组成的不寻常的生态体系。有一句俗语说,黄山归来不看山,九寨沟归来不看水。如果世界上真有仙境,那么九寨沟绝对是其中一个。九寨沟风景名区已被教科文组织认定为世界遗产。

With its large number of lake groups, waterfalls and rich variety of endangered plants and fauna, Jiuzhaigou was awarded the status of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve in 1997 and was also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. The reserve has received a string of other titles including that of a National Geological Park, a AAAA Class Scenic Spot in China and a Green Globe 21.凭借其湖波群,瀑布和濒危动植物的数量庞大,1997年被联合国教科文组织纳入“人与生物圈保护区”网络,1992年被联合国教科文组织纳入《世界自然遗产名录》。2000年评为中国首批AAAA级景区,2001年2月取得“绿色环球21”证书。

Jiu Zhai Gou is located in the South section of Min Shan mountain Range and there is great tributary in the Gully which is the water source of JiaLing River of the Changjiang river system, The mountain peaks are towering around and the snow 
summits are raising in the sky. The Gully is formed into a "Y" type embraced by free mountains. There are 117 lakes in the gully both large and small which are distributed in terraced types. Between the lakes there are 17 waterfall groups and torrents in 11 sections and 5 calcification flowing shoals connected each other, which have formed into the natural Landscape with high mountain lake groups and calcification flowing shoals as the main body that is the only one China and rarely exists in the world. 九寨沟位于岷山山脉南段,长江水系的嘉陵江也经过此处。山顶是高耸入云的山峰,岷山呈“Y”字形分布,那里有117个大小不一的湖泊分布在梯田中,在湖泊中,有十七个瀑布群和激流。

The Scenery is varied in four seasons.In the middle of the Spring, the green and the flowers are beautiful. In Summer the lakes are tranquil and mountains are azure In golden Autumn the trees are full of red leaves and in middle Winter the glacial cascades are in thousands. The green lakes, cascaded waterfalls, flowing shoals, color forests, snow peaks and the flirtatious expression of Zhang nationality as well as the animal and vegetation resources being richly endowed by nature are greatly favoured by people. The national treasure-Pandas and the golden monkeys are more Loved by People too,which are honored as the "World of Divine Tales Fairy Land on the earth ". In 1978, the Nine Village Valley was constructed as the national natural protection area. In 1982 it was appointed by the state Council as a key point scenic and historic area, in 1992 and 1997 it was Listed by UNESCO as the natural heritage of the world and biosphere protection area of the world and it is the only famous scenic spot for tourist visit in China, which has won two international which has won two international Laurels and is rare in the world. The Culture of Zhang-Qing has its own unique fascination. The flirtation song and dance evening party reformed by the Nine Village Valley Nationality Artists Group has given humane Landscape to the unparalleled natural landscape and has become another scenery line to Nine Village Valley. 这里四季景色如画。春天,绿草茵茵,鲜花艳艳。夏天,湖泊宁静,山脉蔚蓝。金秋时节,满树红叶,腊月隆冬,成千上万的卡斯特风貌。绿色的琥珀,瀑布,流动滩涂,彩色的森林,雪峰,还有得天独厚的动植物资源受到人们的青睐。国宝大熊猫和金丝猴也被人们所喜爱。1978年,九寨沟成为国家自然保护区。1982年国务院批准九寨沟为国家级风景名胜区。1984年成立管理局,九寨沟正式做为风景区对外开放。1992年12月14日,经联合国教科组织世界自然遗产委员会在美国新墨西哥圣菲召开的全委会第十六届大会表决一至通过将九寨沟与黄龙列入《世界自然遗产名录》。1997年被纳入世界人与生物圈保护区。

The main scenic area of Jiuzhaigou (Jiuzhai valley) extends over 50 kilometers. Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa, three main parts of the scenic area, shaped as "Y". With an average altitude of 1800 meters, the terrain slowly elevates from north to south.大自然还巧妙地在树正群海、曰则及则查洼三条呈Y形,总长50多公里的主沟内布下了108个奇特的湖泊,由飞瀑、溪流把它们串接在一起,从而使沟中的任何一景,看似有如一幅优美而出色的图画一般。
The main paths and roads are flat and have been newly paved with asphalt.The scenic spot of Shuzheng Qun Hai (Shu Zheng Lakes) is the entrance to the beautiful and splendid Jiuzhaigou. With a total length of 13.8 kilometers, Shuzheng contains over 40 various lakes,occupied 40% of the total in Jiuzhaigou. Stretching along Shuzheng Gully for 5 to 6 kilometers, the lakes reflect the shining sunshine, named respectively as: 主要进入路段都用沥青铺过,很平坦。树正群海景区是美丽灿烂的九寨沟的入口。树正群海景区长约13.8公里,约有40多个湖泊,占了九寨沟湖泊总数的百分之四十。沿着树正群海行走约5到6千米,湖面闪烁着明亮的阳光,它们的名字为:
Luwei Hai (Reed Lake), Penjing Hai, Huohua Hai (Sparking Lake), Wolong Hai (Sleeping Dragon Lake), Shuzheng Waterfall, and Laohu Hai (Tiger Lake) etc. Blue water and clear sky, the singing birds and swaying reeds present you a wonderful view.芦苇海,盆景海,火花海,卧龙海,树正瀑布,老虎海等。蓝天碧海,鸟语花香,让您走进奇妙的梦幻世界。
Lies in the lower reaches of Shuzheng Gully, the most ripping lake - Shuijinggong (Crystal Palace) covers an area of 1000 acre, 40 to 50 meters in depth. In the 10-meter-depth of the center bottom, there is a milky yellow dyke composed of carbonic acid calcium, looking like a dragon crouching below the lake. Especially when the wind is blowing across, the dragon seems to be squirming with the billowing water.位于树正群海景区下游的水晶宫,面积1000亩,深约40至50米。在湖中央10米深的部位,有一道碳酸钙组成的乳黄色的堤坝,当风吹过湖面,就像在水中缓缓蠕动的龙。
While Shuzheng Waterfall is totally different from the lakes mentioned above. It is actually composed of many follow-on falls, formed by lakes flowing down from the stair-like valley. Waterfalls with great momentum and deafening noise plummet deep into the lake below. On the dykes of these lakes, kinds of plateau bushes put down their roots deeply, forming many special plant groups and a marvelous natural spectacle.树正瀑布与前面提到的湖却完全不同。为多级浑圆状瀑布,因瀑面形似莲瓣而独具风姿。上游的湖水沿着浅滩而四处漫流,杯水中的树枝分成了数以千计的水柱,然后汇集到瀑布顶端的山崖边,霎时间奔流坠落,水雾四散,构成了神采飘逸,气度雍容的水帘,景色十分壮丽。
At the end of Shuzheng scenic area is the imposing Nuorilang Waterfall. Far from the waterfall, astonishing thundering noise, water smoke and color rainbows in the sky form a wide and dynamic water screen of grandeur.在树正群海风景区下游是诺日朗瀑布。诺日朗瀑布是迄今为止在我国发现的最宽的钙华瀑布。滔滔水流自诺日朗群海而来,经瀑布的顶部流下,如银河飞泻,声震山谷。南端水势浩大,寒气逼人,腾起蒙蒙水雾。
Luwei Hai (Reed Lake)芦苇海
Luwei Hai is elevated about 2140 meters. It is actually a semi-marsh lake, where reeds abound and birds fly freely. When the reeds come into bloom, layers of the down-like flowers undulate, seducing lots of wild ducks and egrets to come here. Reed Lake suffuses a thriving and flourishing vitality.芦苇海全长2.2公里,是一个半沼泽形态的湖泊,海中芦苇丛生,一股水色翠绿、晶莹透明的清流从成片的苇中蜿蜓流过。春夏时节,清流芦苇同色,满眼碧绿;秋冬之际,芦苇一色金黄,如黄金盘上的一道翡翠,让人惊诧,甚至不敢相信大自然的色彩竟能对比如此强烈。

Shuanglong Hai (Twin Dragon Lake)双龙海
Shuanglong Hai (Twin Dragon Lake) is situated among the bushes below the waterfall of Huohua Hai (Sparking Lake). It was named after two biological calcium dykes, which lurk under the water. Possibly due to the peaceful environment and the blessing of the two huge "dragons", there are many beautiful swans and mandarin ducks full of affection. Lucky visitors may catch the view of ducks swimming in groups and swans dancing in the air.双龙海在芦苇海上,火花海叠瀑群之下,透过澄碧晶莹的湖水,可以见到海中有两条生物钙华礁堤,就像藏于海底的两条蛟龙,顾盼生风,随时要腾空而起,飞入苍穹
Wolong Hai卧龙海
Wolong Hai (Sleeping Dragon Lake) covers about 61838 square meters, with an altitude of 2215 meters and a depth of 22 meters. Looking below the clear and limpid water, you will notice a milky white dyke of calcium, which looks like a huge dragon lying across the bottom of the lake. When the wind passes over, the dragon seems to squirm, with its scales blinking below the waves. Sometimes, it looks as if it will jump out of the water, but suddenly it may disappear totally.小巧玲珑的卧龙海是蓝色湖泊的典型代表,极浓重的蓝色醉人心田。湖面水波不兴,宁静和详,像一块光滑平整、 晶莹剔透的蓝宝石,捉住游人的视线。
Huohua Hai 火花海
Huohua Hai (Sparking Lake) is elevated 2187 meters, with an area of 36352 square meters and depth of 9 meters deep. The water is blue and clear. When the fog dispersed in the morning and the sun has risen, there seems a lot of sparks flashing and twinkling on the lake surface. Sparking Lake, overwhelmed by jade greens all around, looks like a jadeite dish full of marvelous pearls and jewels.
In summer, wild flowers come into bloom of brilliant reds and purples. Morning dews correspond with bits and pieces sparks shining in the Lake, left a great deal for visitors to taste.火花海长约2187米,面积36352平方米,深约9米。火花海位于双龙海与卧龙海之间,湛蓝色的水面上,波平如镜。海子的四周是茂密的树林,湖水掩映在重重的翠绿之中,像是一块晶莹剔透的翡翠。当晨雾初散,晨曦初照时,湖面会因为阳光的折射作用,闪烁出朵朵火花。
Shuzheng Qun Hai树正群海
Shuzheng Qun Hai (Shu Zheng Lakes) contains many big and small lakes, which extend for about 5 kilometers. With an elevation difference of over 100 meters, the lakes form a stair-like lake group. The water is bright blue and clear. The clay-colored calcium dykes are elegant and refined, with a lot of weeping willows, pines, cypresses and China firs grown on it. Waters of upper lake leap over bushes and trees of the dyke, arousing a lot of white spray and forming many charming water screens. The whole lake group is clearly leveled with blue water and green trees, making visitors wonder whether they have stepped into a world of fairy tales.树正群海由二、三十个大小海子呈梯田状群集而成,前后连绵数里,上下高差近百米。柏、松、杉等翠绿树木密布于湖泊周围。湖水自上游翻堤而过,在树丛中穿流,跌落在下一层的海面形成叠瀑,激起银色的浪花,喧闹着直奔下游而去。这一道道的叠瀑与激流串起树正海中的各个海子,动静相隔。群海不仅高低层次分明,色彩也是层次分明,绿树绿得青翠,蓝海蓝得浓稠,叠瀑与水花白得轻盈,尤其是那绿中套蓝的色彩最为动人。


Shuzheng Falls树正瀑布
Shu Zheng Falls stretches several kilometers. The 19 small and big lakes as well as the trees and waterfalls will afford you a splendid and magnificent natural view.树正瀑布绵延数公里。19个大小不一的湖泊,树木,和瀑布将为您营造一个辉煌壮丽的风景画。
Laohu Hai老虎海
Laohu Hai (Tiger Lake) is elevated 2298 meters, directly above Shu Zheng Falls. The profound and peaceful Tiger Lake accumulates great momentum, which bursts out in the vitality and passion of Shuzheng waterfalls.老虎海长约2298米,在树正瀑布的上游。外表平静水底汹涌的老虎海,蓄积了极大的能量,树正瀑布的活力和激情从这里得到极大的体现。
Xiniu Hai犀牛海
With an altitude of 2315 meters and a depth of 12 meters, Xiniu Hai (Rhino Lake) covers an area of over 200 square meters. The Lake is broad and dark blue. The volume of water keeps the same all year round. It was said to that the peaceful Rhino Lake was endowed with mysterious power. In the southern bushes, there is a landing stage, where visitors can see to the north Mount Ce Mo (Goddess Mountain). Rhino Lake is also the only place in Jiu Zhai Gou that provides boat-renting service to travelers.离开树正寨往上行,便看到一座长约2公里,水深18米,海拔高度2400米的海子。这是树正沟最大的海子犀牛海。犀牛海的南端有一座栈桥通往对岸。犀牛海是九寨沟中景色变化最多的海子之一,其倒影几乎是众海之冠。每天清晨云雾飘渺时的云雾倒影,亦幻亦真,让人分不清哪里是天,哪里是水海。湖岸四周的彩叶也是亮丽多姿,艳冠群芳。犀牛海水域开阔,北岸的尽头是生意盎然芦苇丛,南岸的出口既有树林,又有银瀑,中间一大片是蓝得醉人的湖面。犀牛海的这一片山光水色,能让游客留连忘返。

Nuorilang Waterfall诺日朗瀑布
Nuorilang Waterfall is elevated about 2365 meters. Being 32 meters wide and 25 meters high, it is one of China's largest calcium falls. The name of Nuorilang means magnificent and splendid in Tibetan language. It is famed for its broadness and grandeur. When the sun is shining, you will be enchanted by the magic and gorgeous rainbows above.诺日朗瀑布落差20米,宽达300米,是九寨沟众多瀑布中最宽阔的一个。瀑布顶部平整如台,传说以前这里没有瀑布,只有平台。一年,远游归来的扎尔穆德和尚带加了贝叶经、铁犁铧和手摇纺车。联盟美丽的藏族姑娘若依果很快学会用纺车纺线。她把纺车架到三沟交界的平台上,让过往的姐妹们观看、学习,人们便叫这里为“纺织台”。凶残的头人罗扎认为她在搞歪门邪道,一脚把她和纺车踢下山崖。立刻,山洪暴发,把罗扎和帮凶冲下悬崖,纺织台就成了今天的瀑布。
Walk to the southwest of Nuorilang waterfall, you will reach Rize Gully, where scenic spots are thickly distributed. The exciting and astonishing sights include: Zhenzhu Tan (Pearl Shoal), Jinling Hai (Golden Bell Lake), Kongque Hai (Peacock Lake), Wuhua Hai (Five Flower Lake), Jianzhu Hai etc. Passing over the reserve station of Rize and crossing over the 2950-meter-high Tiane Hai (Swan Lake) and Fangcao Hai (Grass Lake), you will come to the end of the 16-kilometer-long mountain road after climbing up to the lofty precipice named Jianyan (Sword Cliff). Compared with the delicacy of Shuzheng Lakes and the charming view of Norilang scenic spots, the scenic sights of the hardly traversed Sword Cliff region is of more simplicity, more wild nature and more primeval tranquility. It seems that you have suddenly passed through the time-space continuum, and stepped into the time immemorial.往诺日朗瀑布的西南方向走,你将来到景点分布密集的日则沟景区。令人惊奇和兴奋的景点有:珍珠滩,金铃海,孔雀海,五花海,箭竹海等。穿过日则景区,2950公尺高的天鹅海,芳草海,爬过剑岩,你将来到绵延16公里的山脉的最后端,。比起树正湖的美艳,诺日朗景区的迷人景致,剑岩就显得简单,自然,并透着一股原始的宁静。就像你穿过时光隧道,来到了远古时代。
Jing Hai镜海
Jing Hai (Mirror Lake) is surrounded by precipitous cliffs covered with dense forests, which have remarkable multi-layers.
Every time the sun breaks the rosy dawn, the lake looks exactly like a plane mirror, which reflects clearly all around: blue sky, white clouds, distant mountains and trees nearby. It is really a gorgeous view. Mirror Lake also features the magic view of "fishes swimming in the air and birds flying at the bottom of the lake." In the bank of the lake, there is a long cane with the thick of a bowl. It closely climbs up a towering old tree. The two depend upon each other and will never separate apart. So people gave Mirror Lake another romantic name: Park of Love.离开珍珠滩,沿着环山公路下行,有一片宽阔无比的山谷。山谷空旷,草木丛生,中间一缕清泉婉蜒滑过,流向下游的镜海。小河旁有几户民居,如世外桃源。山谷两侧是雄伟挺拔的山峰,秋天来临时,秋色染林,仿佛有一枝神奇的画笔,肆意将绛红、桃红、暗紫、墨绿、碧绿、鹅黄涂抹在山上。镜海紧邻在空谷的下游,湖呈狭长形,长约一公里,为林木所包围。对岸山璧像一座巨大的石屏风。右侧是镜海的下游,毗邻诺日朗群海;左侧是镜海上游,与镜海山谷衔接。镜海的倒影独霸九寨沟。它就像是一面镜子,将水上的景物毫不失真地复制到水下来。来游九寨沟的宾客,莫不为镜海倒影的传神而叹为观止。
Zhenzhu Tan珍珠滩
Zhenzhu Tan (Pearl Shoal) is elevated 2433 meters. It is a fan-shaped huge calcium beach, where scatter a great variety of biological individuals due to the special Karst topography. When the flow is passing by, there seem that thousands of shining pearls are rolling throughout the beach.顺着环山公路一路下行,左侧渐渐出现一片坡度平缓、布满了各种灌木丛的浅滩。浅滩布满了坑洞,沿坡而下的激流在坑洞中撞击,溅起无数朵水花,在阳光照射下,点点水珠就像是珍珠洒落,珍珠滩之名由此而来。横跨珍珠滩有一道栈桥,栈桥的南侧水滩上布满了灌木丛,激流从桥下通过后,在北侧的浅滩上激起了一串串、一片片滚动跳跃的珍珠。迅猛的激流在这片宽度约160米的斜滩前行200米,就到了斜滩前行200米,就到了斜滩 的悬崖尽头,无尽的激流冲出悬崖跌落在深谷之中,形成了雄伟壮观的珍珠滩瀑布。
Jinling Hai金铃海
With an altitude of 2435 meters, Jinling Hai (Golden Bell Lake) is composed of two closely connected lakes. The Lake was named after the two lakes' bell-like outline. Overlooking Jinling Hai, you will be drunk with the indigo-blue water. The bell-like lakes seem to be more delicate and exquisite with thick forests all around.金铃海海拔2435米,一大一小紧相毗连,因形似铜铃而名。俯瞰金铃海,湖水呈靛色,“青出于蓝”分外夺目。湖岸浓荫密布,景色特秀,将一对铜铃似的湖泊映衬得更加玲珑,让人不需打击,已闻清脆。
Wuhua Hai五花海
Wuhua Hai (Five Flower Lake) is elevated 2472 meters and is 5 meters deep. It is the pride of the whole Jiuzhaigou. Within the same body of water, the color is ever changing from light yellow, blackish green, deep blue to dark blue etc.Looking down to the lake, you can even see water bubbling out of a well in the bottom of the lake.五花海海海拔2472米,深5米。五花海有“九寨沟一绝”和“九寨精华”之誉是九寨沟的骄傲。同一水域,却呈现出鹅黄、墨绿、深蓝、藏青等色,斑驳迷离,色彩缤纷,这大自然妙笔涂抹的色彩,是那么大胆、强烈而又富于变幻。
Xiongmao Hai (Panda Lake)熊猫海
With an altitude of 2587 meters, Xiongmao Hai (Panda Lake) is 14 meters deep, with an area of 90,000 square meters. This is also the haunting place of giant pandas. The rocks on the bank have special veins. Down in the water, there is a white rock with several black veins, looking exactly like a giant panda.九寨沟熊猫海海拔2587米,平均水深14米,面积9万平方米,海水澄澈、倒影清晰。风和日丽的晴天,蓝天白云下群峰静立,岸边层林相间,波光山影,一派迷离的景象。这儿是熊猫生长活动的乐园。虽因旅游活动频繁,人们已难见到熊猫的踪影,但人们在这里还能从那海边水下,自然地生着几圈黑色花纹的浑圆的白石,去观赏朦朦胧胧、憨态可掬的想像中的熊猫。
Jianzhu Hai箭竹海
Jianzhu Hai (Bamboo Lake) is elevated 2618 meters. It is 6 meters deep, and covers an area of 170 thousand square meters. In the bank of the lake, bamboo is evergreen and firs are standing erect. Reflected in the Lake are the undulating hills and swaying bamboo. Even in the severe cold winters, the Lake is still glistening and full of vitality.箭竹海海拔2618米,深6米,面积17万平方米,湖畔箭竹葱笼,杉木挺立;水中山峦对峙,竹影摇曳。虽至严冬,一汪湖水仍波光粼粼,充满生气。
Tiane Hai天鹅海
Tiane Hai (Swan Lake) is a semi-marsh lake with an altitude of 2905 meters. In the broad lake, there grow kinds of plants: green grasses, wild flowers etc. A flow of clear water winds through the swamp. Swans and wild ducks pay their frequent calls here. 天鹅海海拔2905米,是半沼泽湖泊。在广阔的湖上,野草茵茵,山花灿灿,一弯清流蜿蜒其间,时有天鹅起落,野鸭群游。
Fangcao Hai 芳草海
Fangcao Hai (Grass Lake) is elevated 2910 meters. With grasses growing everywhere and water birds swimming leisurely, the Lake's seasonal scenery is very appealing: glossy and green grasses in spring, blooming and flourishing flowers in summer, golden yellow in deep autumn, and in winter spotless and pure white.
To the south of Tiane Hai (Swan Lake), there is a lonely precipice standing erect, called Jianyan (Sword Cliff). It is over 500 meters high. Huge rocks are exposed to the air, for the steep slopes are hardly covered with any vegetation. The cliff was named after its sword-like outline.天鹅海的南边,有以免独立的悬崖峭壁——剑岩。高达500米,岩石高耸入云,陡峭的岩壁上没有植物覆盖。这个悬崖因它剑般的轮廓而得名。
South from Norilang Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou is divided into two parts. Extending toward the south is Zechawa Gully, with a length of about 17.8 kilometers. Walking along Zechawa Gully, you can enjoy scenic spots like Jijie Hai (Seasonal Lake), Wucai Chi (Five Color Pond), and you will end you journey at Chang Hai (Long Lake) with an altitude of 3100 meters.诺日朗瀑布以南,九寨沟被分为两部分。王楠那部分是长达17.8千米的则查洼沟景区。沿着则查洼沟行走,你会看到季节海,五彩池,在海拔3100米的长海那里停下。
Wucai Chi五彩池
With an altitude of 2995 meters, Wucai Chi (Fquintessence of the whole Jiu Zhai Gou, is full of aquatic biological groups, such as sponges, algae, and ferns etc. In addition, thereive Color Pond) covers an area of 5645 square meters, with a depth of 6.6 meters. It is situated below Chang Hai (Long Sea)and deeply hidden among high-elevated forests.Wucai Chi (Five Color Pond), the are many herbs like reeds and bushes grown in the pond. Because different plants in the pond contain different percent of chlorophyll, they present different colors in the water with high consistence of calcium carbonate. Within the pond mix patches of different colors: light green, milky white, bright yellow and pale blue. Visitors can take a superb view of the surpassingly beautiful pond.五彩池就如一块巨大的蓝宝石一样藏在密林之中,是九寨沟最小、最艳丽的池子。从长海下行1公里即为五彩池。这段山路海拔3000米,五彩池就深藏于公路下边的深谷中。   五彩池以秀美多彩,纯洁透明闻名于天下,面积5645平方米。海拔2995米,寒冬地冻三尺,而池水依然清波荡漾,四季雨旱交替,而池水似无增减。原来这池水是由位于高处的长海经地下补给,地下四季常温不冻,补给水量全年大体稳定之故。深6.6米,池底砾石棱角,岩面纹理分明,池水蔚蓝宝绿,明澈透亮。   五彩池是九寨沟湖泊中的精粹,池里生长着水绵、轮藻、小蕨等水生植物群落,同时还生长芦苇、节节草、水灯芯等草本植物。这些水生群落所含叶绿素深浅不同,在富含碳酸钙质的湖水里,能呈现不同的颜色。同一湖泊里,有的水域蔚蓝,有的湾汊浅绿,有的水色绛黄,有的流泉粉蓝……变化无穷,煞是好看!在日头当顶,山风吹拂或以石击水时,还能溅开一圈圈金红、金黄和雪青的涟漪,分外妖艳。 五彩池虽在九寨沟众海中最小巧玲珑,然而它的色彩却是最为斑斓,与五花海不相上下。五彩池异常清澈,透过池水,可见到池底岩面的石纹,由于池底沉淀物的色差以及池畔植物色彩的不同,原本湛蓝色的湖面变得五彩斑斓
Shangjijie Hai and Xiajijie Hai 上季节海和下季节海
Shangjijie Hai (Upper Seasonal Sea) is situated in a lush and luxuriant cal, while Xiajijie Hai (Lower Seasonal Sea) is closely next to Wucai Chi (Five Color Pond). Volume of the two lakes varies timely: sometimes overflowing, and sometimes dried up. In rainy autumns, the water is rising, with a color of bright blue while turn glossy green in summers. In winters, they run dry, and throughout the bed grow up many grasses, making the lakes excellent pasture beaches. Precious plant-Ruoxiwichi, grows here in winters.从五彩池往下走,很快便到达上季节海。上下季节海的水量随着季而而变化,秋季时,雨量充沛,湖水饱满,冬春季节,水位渐低,一直到初夏,湖水甚至全部干涸,湖床上长满了牧草,成为放牧牛马的福地。上、下季节海之间距离很远,各有特色。下季节海水色最是湛蓝,透明,就好像是鲜蓝的墨水。湖畔的公路旁,有数株高大的林木,一到秋天,叶子黑心黄,远远看去满树金光。离开下季节海沿着环山公路往下坡走,两侧尽是彩色的层林。公路左侧是一片小山谷,谷中到处都是沈妆艳抹的彩林。

Chang Hai长海
Chang Hai (Long Lake) has an average altitude of 3060 meters, with a maximum of 4457 meters. It originates from the deep rounding ranges of mountains. Extending about 8 kilometers from north to south and 4.4 kilometers from east to west, it covers an area of about 2 million square meters. It is the largest and highest lake in Jiu Zhai Gou. Opposite to the lake, snow-capped mountains are all elevated about 4000 to 5000 meters, with typical glacier landscapes of cirques, U-shaped valley etc. In spring and autumn, Long Sea is more fantastic: the reflection of flowers clustering around the ice-covered peaks in the water and the scenery of yellow leaves and red maples grown round the lake. Another spectacle is that water neither brims over the bank in the rainy summer and fall nor never runs dry in the winter and spring. Local Tibetan people praise it as "a precious gourd that will never be poured full or dried up." At the time of bitter winters, the lake is frozen over with a depth of 60 cm.长海座落在则查洼沟的尽头,海拔3100多米,宽约600米,湖水最深处达百余米,是九寨沟湖面最宽阔、湖水最深的海子。长海四周没有出水口,水源来自于高山融雪。奇怪的是,长海从不会干涸,也举溢堤,因此藏民称之为“装不满,漏不干”的宝葫芦。长海呈墨蓝色,四周山峦叠翠,对面的群峰,一到初秋便披上了白色的盔甲,中间一座冰峰寒光逼人。北侧入口的湖岸有一棵独臂老人松,造型奇特,一侧枝叶横生,另一侧则秃如刀削。欣赏长海可由入口的左侧一条向左分岔的小路进入,转到长海的侧面观赏。这里巨松挺拔,满目碧绿,彩叶成林。

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Four Seasons picturesque Jiuzhaigou

Huang Long lies in the south part of Min Mountain in Song Pan County, Sichuan Province in southwest China. It was denominated a special scenic spot of China in 1982 and listed as "The Natural Legacy of the World" in 1992. It covers an area of about 700 square kilometers. It has two parts: Huang Long and Muni Gorge. Huang Long includes Huang Long Valley, Danyun Gorge, Snow Treasure Peak, while Muni Gorge comprises two scenic spots: the Zhaga Waterfall and the Erdao Lake. 
Huang Long scenic spot has very special sceneries, rich natural resources and primeval forest. Huanglong is thus called "A Fairyland on Earth". There are snow mountains just like those in Canada, the Great Gorge in America, the primeval forest in Colorado and the glamourous ponds in Huangshi Park. 
With so many wonderful views gathered in one place, Huang Long is not only the treasure of China, but also the treasure of the world.黄龙位于四川省北部阿坝藏族羌族自治州松潘县境内的眠山山脉南段,属青藏高原东部边缘向四川盆地的过渡地带。1982年10月,由中华人民共和国国务院审定黄龙为国家重点风景名胜区。 1992年12月,黄龙正式被联合国教科文组织作为自然遗产列入《世界遗产名录》。它占地约700平方公里,由黄龙本部和牟尼沟两部份组成。黄龙本部主要由黄龙沟、丹云峡、雪宝顶等景区构成,牟尼沟部份主要是扎嘎瀑布和二道海两个景区。黄龙景区有非常特殊的景色,丰富的自然资源和原始森林。黄龙也因此被称为“人间仙境”。那里还有如在加拿大的雪山,美国的大峡谷,科罗拉多州的原始森林,黄石公园迷人的池塘。在一个地方可以聚集这么多的美景,黄龙不仅是中国的瑰宝也是世界的无价之宝。

To get to Huanglong, visitors have to transfer to a bus at Chuanzhusi Town, about 90 kilometers away from Jiuzhaigou, or at Songpan County, about 20 kilometers further from Chuanzhusi. Each of these places has its unique history and charm.要想去黄龙,游客们要乘车到川主寺镇,距九寨沟约90公里,或者到松潘县,距川主寺约20公里。每个地方都有自己的历史文化价值。

With some of the most beautiful and inspiring scenery on earth and some of the reserves scenic spots considered holy by the local Tibetan and Qiang people, it is no wonder a number of mysterious legends surround the wonderful landscape of Jiuzhaigou.这里的很多景点都被当地的藏族人民和羌族人民赋予神圣的意义,难怪包围九寨沟风景区的是神秘的传说故事。

Many people are drawn to the area for these reasons, and with the park open all year round the authorities have ensured that the fragile environment is sufficiently protected with a range of comprehensive tourist facilities.许多游客是奔着这些美丽的传说而来的,虽然这里全年开放,但是当地有关部门已经采取了强有力的措施来保护这里脆弱而美丽的生态环境。

In previous years it had been difficult for visitors to get to Jiuzhaigou due to its isolated location, however this is no longer a concern due to the construction of the Jiuzhaigou Ring Way which links the reserve with Chengdu and the Jiuhuang Airport, and has made gaining access to the park a great deal easier.在过去,由于这里孤立的地理环境,想要进入九寨沟确实是一件非常不容易的事情。现在,九寨沟环城高速可以直达成都和九黄机场,使我们进入九寨沟变得更加容易。
Today most visitors transfer at Chengdu onto long-distance buses or flights going to Jiuzhaigou. The route on the ring way passes through a number of attractions and is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, providing many a distraction for anyone making the journey.现在,更多的人从成都乘坐长途汽车或坐飞机去九寨沟。环城路沿途经过很多景点,周围也都是美丽的自然风光,会给您一个意想不到的美妙旅程。    Jiuzhaigou Travel Guide

The route offers opportunities to enjoy the great Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, the beautiful Mt.Siguniangshan (Four Maiden's Mountain) Scenic Area and another of the world's most naturally stunning locations - the Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area.沿途可以看到伟大的都江堰水利工程,四姑娘山风景区,还有世界上最惊人的自然景点——黄龙风景名胜区。

Historically, Jiuzhaigou has been home to small population of Tibetan and Qiang people, and provides a good opportunity to get to know more about the locals' unique life and culture. The highlight of any trip to these areas are special performances laid on by the Tibetan and Qiang people which are also a popular form of nightlife in Jiuzhaigou.历史上,九寨沟是一部分西藏人和羌族人的故乡,它为他们提供了了解当地独特生活和文化的机会。旅游的亮点是当地藏族人民和羌族人民为游客准备的富有民族特色的夜生活项目。
Moreover, trying some of the typical local foods and picking up a number of the reasonably-priced, locally-produced goods of the Tibetan and Qiang groups are something of a must on your trip.另外,尝试当地的食物,还有物美价廉的藏、羌族特产也是很有意思的。
Jiuzhaigou has been blessed with some of the most captivating landscapes on earth and words simply do not do it justice, and so you are encouraged to visit at the earliest opportunity.九寨沟是世界上最让人无话可说的迷人风景区,所以尽早去看看,绝对是有价值的选择。

 Climate and clothing: With an altitude of more than 3000m, it is a plateau humid climate in Jiuzhaigou. Any season you can make a trip to Jiuzhaigou. In spring, the average temperature is 9 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius, it rises in summer with an average of 19 degrees to 22 degrees. Prepare a coat even in summer evenings. The most comfortable and most fascinating season is AUTUMN (also the most crowded) Temperature drops sharply in the evening, especially at and after the end of October, you can wear a T-shirt at daytime but thick sweater at night. Winter is freezing, mostly the temperature is below 0 degree, making a crystal Jiuzhai.
 Transportation: It takes 8-10 hours(almost a whole day) to drive from Chengdu to Jiuzhai,
although there are only about 450km, but serpentine appears frequently on the way. Most of the time the car runs on the mountain road, with a lot of turns on the way, but the road condition is fine. Another choice is by air, which is much more comfortable and fast. 交通:从成都乘车至九寨沟下大约需要8到10小时,尽管只有450公里路程,但是多为山路。大多时间车辆会走上山路,路上有很多拐弯处,但道路条件还是不错的。另外一种方式就是乘飞机,更方便也更快捷。

After the 5.12 major earthquake in 2008, the west line road to Jiuzhaigou had been injured, but the east line will be re-open in Sept. 2008,2008年,5月12号地震以后,通往九寨沟的西线被损坏,但是东线在08年8月九月就可以重新使用了。

It is easier to take a 45min flight, and then about 2 hours driving to arrive Jiuzhai Scenic Area. There are more than ten-scheduled flights every day from Chengdu to Jiuzhai in busy season. Also there are direct flight from and to Chongqing, Xi’an, Guangzhou. The altitude of Jiuhuang airport is about 3500m. In the scenic area, only environmentally-friendly tour buses are available and allowed, RMB90/p.p. 

Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area 九寨沟风景区
There goes the saying : You don't need to visit other mountains after returning from Mount Huangshan and you don't need to visit other waters after returning from Jiuzhaigou. 俗话说:黄山归来不看岳,九寨归来不看水。
Located in Jiuzhaigou County of the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Nationality Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, Jiuzhaigou Valley is world-widely known for its integration of green lakes, multi-layered waterfalls, forests and snow-mountains with Tibetan culture and customs, gaining the name: Fairyland. Its main scenic area is more than 80km long, composed of three gullies—Shuzheng Gully, Rize Gully, and Zechawa Gully in the from of letter Y. In Shuzheng Gully, there are scenic spots like Penjinghai Lake (Miniature Landscape Lake), Huohahai (sparkling Lake) Shuzheng Group of Lakes, Shuzheng Waterfall, etc; Rize Gully --including Nuorilang waterfalls, Pearl Shoalm, Gao Waterfall(High Waterfall), Panda Lake, Swan Lake, Wuhua Hai (Five Flower Lake), and Virgin Forest, ect main sites. Zechawa Gully—Chang Hai( Long Lake), Five Color Pool, etc. 九寨沟位于四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州九寨沟县境内,是国家级自然保护区,国家重点风景名胜区。因沟内有九个藏族村寨而得名。景区四周峰簇峥嵘,雪峰高耸,故有“人间仙境”之称。九寨沟景观分布在成Y型的树正、日则、则查洼3条主沟内,总长50余公里。主要有树正景区,长75公里,有盆景滩、树正群海、树正瀑布、双龙海、火花海、卧龙海等景点组成;日则沟景区,有诺日朗、珍珠滩、高瀑布三大瀑布,有镜海、熊猫海、芳草海、天鹅海、剑岩、原始森林、悬泉、五花海等景点;则查洼沟景区,有长75公里的长海和五彩池等景点;扎如景区,有魔鬼岩、扎如寺等景点。

 Huanglong Scenic Area 黄龙风景区
Huanglomng area is visited May to November, in winter times, it is closed for the heavy snow. Best time is from the end of September to October. It is about 3-hour-drive from the Jiuzhai Valley to Huanglong Wonders. Huanglong scenic area is known for its limestone-formation landscapes. The colorful travertine (limestone-deposit) pools set against mountains, rivers, and forests are as beautiful as a fairyland. Huanglong is of great scientific importance because of its well-preserved landforms and its biological resources. 黄龙分那个景区最佳游览时间是五月至十一月,冬季,因大雪会关闭。最好的时间是九月底至十月。从九寨沟乘车需要三小时可以到达黄龙。黄龙因它的石灰岩景观而出名。五颜六色的石灰岩形成的湖泊,河流,森林组成了一个美丽的人间仙境。因为它保存完好的地形地貌和生物资源,黄龙因而具有极大的科学意义。
 Muni Gully (Entrance 70/p.p) / Horse Riding 牟尼沟(70元/人)/骑马
Munigou Scenic Spot is located in Songpan County. It contains Zhaga Waterfall and
Erdaohai. There are very rich natural resource in the scenic area. Zhaga Waterfall--Reputed as" NO.1 Calcifying Waterfall in China". It stands 104m high ,35m wide,and falls down with the speed of 23m per second. The mystic Erdaohai is near to Zhaga Waterfall. In the 5-kilometer long valley, there is Erdaohai,Swan lake, Jade Lake,Rhinoceros Lake and some other tremendous scenery. 牟尼沟风景区位于松潘县,它包含扎嘎瀑布和二道海两个景区,是天然资源非常丰富的风景区。扎嘎瀑布被誉为“中国钙化瀑布一号”,高104米,宽35米,流淌速度为每秒23米。神秘的二道海距离扎嘎瀑布非常近,在5公里长的山谷里,有二道海,天鹅湖,翡翠湖,犀牛湖和其他的风景。

To go to Erdaohai, you'll have to ride a horse. A horse-riding tour to Erdaohai in Songpan was already tried by many visitor, and there are professional horse-riding team to operate this kind of tour, so worries on safety could be saved. The team and we are in a long-term cooperation. 去二道海,你必须要骑马去。许多去二道海的游客都是骑马去的,那些马 都是经过专业训练的,所以您不必担心骑马的安全。我们的团队都是进行长期合作的。
Jiuzhai Paradise 九寨天堂
Paradise International Resort &Conference Center
The top posh hotel in the fairyland. We are ready to assist in booking the hotel at a better price when your trip or conference comes. 仙境里的高档豪华酒店。当您准备开始您的行程或会议的时候,我们可以为您预定到价格合适的房间。
Do not hesitate to email or call us then


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