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Tea Culture tour

 The 5 days West Lake Dragon Well Tea tour in Hangzhou
 RMB 1800 above

   5day(s) In this 5-day tour, the guests are given an opportunity to trace the history and culture of the West Lake Dragon Well Tea in Hangzhou and obtain an understanding if its current living environment. You can also go shopping the tea and tea-related products. You will be arranged for such activities as tea art performances, tea fairs and tea wedding ceremonies. 

The 5 days Wuyishan Tea tour in Wuyishan 

 RMB1480 above

    With the development of the tea industry ,the regionally specific tea culture has gradually come into being in WuYiShan and FuJian province as well.Tea songs,tea dances,the tea ceremony,tea dinners and other parts of tea cultures have become a part of the WuYiShan tourism industry.