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Private Tour in China


Private tour A: One Day East Line Tour (Beijing/xi'an /Beijing)  From 420RMB

Private tour B: One Day East Line Tour  From 400RMB

Private tour C: One Day Xi'an City Tour  From 220RMB

Private tour D: One Day Tour of Mt. Hua From 590RMB

Private tour E: One Day West Line Tour  From 310RMB

Private tour F: Xian 1 night 2 days Tour  From 450RMB

Private tour G: Xi'an 2 nights/3 days tour  From 440RMB

Private tour H: 3 Days Tour in Xian   From 740RMB

Private tour I: 4-Day Luxury Tours of Xian  From 730RMB


private one-day tour A: Tiananmensuqre,Forbidden City,Temple of Heaven From 340RMB

Private one-day Tour B: Badaling Great Wall & Ming Tombs From 800RMB

Private one-day Tour C: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace From 190RMB

Private one-day Tour D: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Summer PalaceFrom 300RMB

Private one-day Tour E: Mutianyu Great Wall & Ming Tombs (Changling or Dingling)
                                            From 340RMB

Private one-day Tour F: Simatai Wild Great Wall Hiking Tour From 420RMB

Private one-day Tour G: Badaling Great Wall, Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
                                             From 340RMB

Private one-day Tour H: Badaling Great Wall & Summer Palace From 340RMB

Private one-day Tour I: Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Temple of Heaven    
                                             From 340RMB

Private one-day Tour J: Lama Temple, Summer Palace & Beijing Zoo From 330RMB

Private one-day Tour K: Mutianyu Great Wall, Ming Tombs (Dingling) & Sacred Way
                                             From 300RMB


Shanghai 2 nights/3 days tour   From 160USD

4 Days Shanghai Xitang( Water-Town) Hangzhou Tour   From 142USD

3 Days Shanghai Tour   From 88USD

One Day Shanghai City Tour  From 45USD

Charming tour of night Shanghai   From 25USD


Hangzhou 3 Days Private Tour   From 63USD

Wuzhen One Day Tour  From 38USD

Hang Zhou One Day Tour  From 100USD

Two Days Hangzhou City Tour   From 98USD

The 5 days West Lake Dragon Well Tea tour   From 1800RMB

Two Days tour in Suzhou   From 160USD

3 Days Watertown Tour   From 256USD

One Day Tour of Huangzhou West Lake&Lyingyin Temple   From 58USD


Zhouzhuang One Day Tour from Suzhou   From 58USD

Suzhou One Day Tour of Grand Canal and Local Life   From 40USD

Suzhou One Day Tour   From 49USD

4 Day Suzhou and Water Village Tour   From 71USD

2 Day Suzhou Exquisite Garden Tour   From 24USD


4 Days Guiling Yangshuo Zhuang Village Tour   From 90USD

5 Days Guiling Yangshuo Lipu Longsheng Private Tour   From 195USD

4 Days China Tour to Guilin, Yangshuo, Longsheng   From 386USD

4 Days Guilin Yangshuo Typical Tour   From 332USD

7 Days Minority Tour to Guilin   From 683USD

3 Days China Tour to Guilin and Yangshuo   From 253USD


One Day Hainan Tour  From 55USD

Nanshan Buddhism & Cultural Centre, Tea House   From 60USD

Nantian Hot Spring & Delicious Chinese Food   From 62USD

Monkey Island & Fisher Village   From 55USD

Wuzhizhou Island & Tea House   From 50USD

West Island   From 50USD

Jianfeng Mountain Rainforest - Untouched Nature   From 60USD

Five Finger Mountain Rainforest and Li & Miao Nationalities    From 65USD

Hainan 7 days Wellness Tour   From 3600RMB


One Day Yunana Dali City Tour   From 45USD

Kunming,Dali,Lijiang 8 days/ 7nights Tour   From 543USD

Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangrila Tour 10 days/ 9 nights  From 688USD

Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la 9 days/ 8 nights Tour,  

8-Day Kunming, Lijiang,Dali,Baoshan,Mangshi,Ruli / Burma Border  

4 Days Kunming Tour  

2 Days tour of Yunnan Dali Lijiang Private Tour Package   From 248USD

8 Days Tour of Kunming-Dali-Lijiang    From 829USD

7 Days China Yunnan Tour Kunming / Dali / Lijiang / Kunming   From 4050RMB

3 Days China Travel Package to Yunnan Kunming

9 Days China Yunnan Tour package

15 Days Sichuan-Yunnan Tour

3 Day Ever-spring City Kunming Tour A    From 128USD

3 Day Ever-spring City Kunming Tour B    From 147USD

4 Days China Travel Package to Yunnan Kunming

5 Day China Yunnan Tour to Kunming & Xishuangbanna

7 Days China Yunnan Typical Tour