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Approach Chinese common life

  There are different kinds of ethnic groups in China, they have their unique life systles with others. So if you're traveling in China, it's a good chance to approach the various ranks of Chinese common people. You can feel the traditional and realest life in China. You can live with the common Chinese people as their usual daily life, can eat the Chinese homely diet, even more can learn the cookery from them. During the tour, you also can see the original art culture from the Chinese common people. If you want to get more information from China which is one of the ancient countries in the world, should noly see the historical scenic spots but also the real life. So approcah the Chinese common people!!!



SIT01:One day  Hutong special Tour in Beijing


Visit the neighbourhood in the rear Shishahai Lake area and walk in Hutongs to drop in one or two courtyard- style homes.You also can take a chance to have lunch with a local family...



One Day  Hutong Tour in Beijing


Take  the picturesque Shishahai Lake area and "hutong". Traditional building complex formed by four houses around a quadrangular courtyard.Visit a free market and the Drum Tower where the visitors can enjoy a bird  view of the ancient city...



Tour of  learning Chinese diet in Xian


 The Chinese diet is generally regarded as a healthy one. There is a Chinese proverb "Illness starts from what goes into one's mouth while trouble starts from what comes out of it." Going  to  the  cook training  school,study  how  to   cook  Chinese cusine...



2 Days Huxian country - Farmer's Painting tour in Xi'an


The farmers'paintings of Huxian County are colorful and simple, the countryside features and farmland scenery, which are true to life, vividly show their love to life and art, definitely the masterpiece of Chinese folk arts...


 Li & Miao Nationalities in Hainan 



In a village they give an insight into their daily life to the tourists. Learn about their interesting history, customs and traditional life like it is still found in Hainan's countryside. You can enjoy many different shows, buy very nice and special souvenirs and learn some traditional Li and Miao dances.


16 Day Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fitness Tour


Chinese herbal medicine, a major aspect of traditional Chinese medicine focuses on the use of herbs to nourish the body, thereby restoring a balance of energy, body, and spirit to maintain good health. Acupuncture and Massage Therapy classes also form part of this one-of-a kind tour, so with a visit to the Shanghai Martial Arts Center.