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Huangshan Mountain黄山
The Huangshan City locates in the extreme south of Anhui Province, its northeast connects with the Jixi County, Shide County and Jing Country of the region of Xuancheng; its northwest connects with the Qingyang County, Shitai County and Dongzhi Country of the region of Chizhou; its southwest connects with Jingdezhen City and Aoyuan County of Jiangxi Province, its southeast connects with Kaihua County, Chunan Country and Linan County of Zhejiang Province. It is in the north side of the middle subtropics, broad leaved evergreen forest, red earth, yellow earth ground. It lies in between E171°to 118°53'and N29°24'to 30°31', the easternmost point is in the southeast side of the Zhupu Village in An County, the westernmost point is in the west side of Xinan Village in Qimen Country, it is 164.14 kilometers long from east to west; The southernmost point is in the Lotus Peak in Lingnan Village in Xiuning Country, the northernmost point is in the north side of Xinfeng Village in Huangshan District, it is 123.35 kilometers of breadth from south to north. The total area is 9807 square kilometers.黄山市位于安徽省的最南端,它东北接宣城市的绩溪县,旌德县,西北接池州市的青阳县,石台县和东至县,西南接江西省的景德镇市和嫯源县,东南接浙江省的开化县,淳安县和临安县。黄山处于亚热带季风气候区内,地处中亚热带北缘、常绿阔叶林、红壤黄壤地带。具体位于东经E171°to 118°53',北纬N29°24'to 30°31',最东边是安县的,西端是西门县新安乡,最南端是休宁县的岭南乡,最北边至黄山区北侧。从南至北123.35千米,总面积是9807平方千米。

Huangshan City was approvable to establish by State Department in September of 1987, the precursor is the region of Weizhou, governs three areas which are Tunhe District, Huangshan Area, Weizhou District, four counties which are An County, Xiuning, Qimen, Mo County and Yellow Mountain Scenic Areas now, the areas and counties govern 42 towns, the city government locates in the Tunhe District.1987年9月,黄山市成立。黄山市辖3个市辖区、4个县和黄山风景区,3个区,屯溪区,黄山区,徽州区,4县,歙县,休宁县,祁门县,黟县和黄山风景区。区人民政府驻屯光镇。

The Huangshan City is one mountain area of eight mountains, one water and one penny farmland. The group of peaks in the city are up in the sky, the hillocks hold the row, the interleave of the mountain and valley, there is deep mountain, valley, also having the basin, plain, the wave flow pure, the river water is wreath, the pure glory is luxuriant everywhere, the water show and mountain work properly, as if beautiful scenery draw. Tian Mountain and Yellow Mountain Mountain Ranges are the natural boundary of Anhui Province, Weizhou and Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province. The main Qingliang Peak which locates in the northeast of An Country and whose elevation is 1787 meters, Guniujiang which stands in Qimen Country and whose elevation is 1728 meters, Baiyueqiyun Mountain is in the northwest if Xiuning and whose elevation is 580 meters, they all are magnificent and miraculous paintings by nature. Yellow Mountain intersects between An County, Yellow Mountain Area and Xiuning and Mo County, the Lotus Peak whose elevation is 1860 meters is the highest peak, the ridges and peaks are beautiful, split a ground for day, the heavy rock folds, are great and sumptuous, it is the famous scenery divine spot. 黄山市是一个“八山一水一分田”的山区。境内群峰参天,山丘屏列,岭谷交错,有深山、山谷,也有盆地、平原,波流清沏,溪水迥环,到处清荣峻茂,水秀山灵,犹如一幅风景优美的画图。“一生痴绝处,无梦到徽州”(明代汤显祖)。多少文人曾对他产生了念慕之情,有的游客甚至“爱其山水清沏,遂久居。”天目山和黄山山脉是我省,也是徽州同浙江、江西省的天然分界岭。主要坐落在歙县东北部的清凉峰(海拔1787米),耸立在祁门县境内的牯牛降(海拔1728米),拔起于休宁西北部的白岳齐云山(海拔580米),都是壮丽神奇的“天造画境”。横贯歙县、黄山区、休宁、黟县之间的黄山,最高峰莲花峰海拔1860米),峰峦峻峭,劈地摩天,重岩叠嶂,宏博富丽,是著名的风景胜地。

The biggest characteristics of Huangshan City are that the tour resources are abundant, the view is special, there are not only the not an equal in the world landscape that great universe educate, and a great deal of humanities view which display Chinese the old culture. It is full of beauty spots in the Yellow Mountain Scenic Areas which is 154 square kilometers, they are very strange, and it is known for the strange pines, strange stones, a sea of clouds and the hot springs. The posterities spread that you do not see the mountains from Wu yue, do not see the Yue from returning the Yellow Mountain.黄山市最大的特点是旅游资源丰富,景观独特,不仅有大自然造就的天下无双的山水风光,而且有大量展现中国古老文化的人文景观。黄山旅游风景区占地154平方公里,黄山可以说无峰不石,无石不松,无松不奇,并以奇松、怪石、云海、温泉著称于世。你将看到有“五岳归来不看山,黄山归来不看岳“之称的黄山。

About Mountain Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)


The famous scrolls of Chinese black and white paintings of high mountains, rocks, trees and sea of clouds come alive in Huangshan Mountains in the south Anhui province. It is a marvelous mountain area, now on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. There is an old saying well known throughout the country "No need to see any other mountains after Huangshan!"中国的水墨画里,高山,奇石,青松,云海的原型大多来源于安徽省南部的黄山。这是个奇妙的山区,已被联合国教科文组织列入世界文化遗产和自然遗产名录。而且中国还有古话“黄山归来不看岳”。

Huangshan has spectacular landscape with its four unique scenes: interesting shaped rocks, waterfalls, unique shaped pine trees growing out of rocks, and its sea of clouds. Huangshan has all, the steepness, the grace, the elegance, and so on. Huang Shan Mountain area is such a marvelous place with spectacular vista and its ever-changing scenes attract tourists in all seasons and inspire countless Chinese painters and poets for thousands of years. 黄山有四个独一无二的景致:奇石,飞瀑,迎客松,云海。黄山市一个如此美妙的地方,数千年来吸引了无数的文人骚客到抒发法热爱祖国大好河山的情怀。

Touring in Huangshan area, you can also visit some small villages nearby where the unique local traditional Hui style houses are relatively well preserved. Among them, Xidi and Hongcun are inscribed as the World Cultural Heritage sites by UNESCO.游览黄山区,您还可以领略到周围的徽派村庄,在它们中,西堤和宏村已被世界教科文组织宣布为世界文化遗产。

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