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Destination: Xian-Lanzhou-Zhongwei-Yinchuan-Sand Lake-Yan'an
Day by day itinerary
Day01:  Hongkong-Xi'an.
Firstly to gather at the zho Znternational Airpot of Peach Garden, and to take the luxurious plane through Hongkong to xi'an,which is a Chinese ancient capital in history an culture.Xian Athens Rome and cairo are regarded as the four most ancient capitals in the world. There were altogether 13 dynasties succively to build capitals in lasted over 100 year. The western zhou Dynasty, the Qin, the western Han Dynasty and the Dang Dynasty were the prosperous time in Xi'an's history after arriving, to enjoy the midnight snake, and then to go to the hotel for rest.
Day02:  Xi'an  Terracotta warriors and Horses-Huaqing Hot Spring-Tana Paradies
After breakfast, hesding for the museum of Terra-Cotta Army which enjoys the reputation of the Eighth Wonder of the world.
Terracotta Warriors: In 1974 some villagers discovered many fragments of terracotta figures with different sides in Xi'an Lintong district. When they wre sinking a well. The results of arhaeo logcal excavation gradually show the situationg of the politics, the economy, the culture an the military affically open to public in 1979. and is one of the most important archaeology. Discoveries in contermporaty era. This stirred up a sensation all over the world by its huge sale,the military might scene,the exellent science an the high artistic lecel.
After visiting the museum let's go to the Huaqin spring Pool .
The Huaqing Hot Spring:  is surrounded by mountains,and the pavilions in Chinese style were built along the mountains.It's a well-know sentific spot. And the Emperor Xuan Zong and his favourite concubine Lady Yang Yuhuan, often took it temporary palace, next spring came in order to avoid the cold.The crabapple pool for lady yang still preserves intact.Then to go to visit the Tang Paradise. The Tang Paradise is a large-scale imperial gardens,which is the first omnidirectional demonstration of the glorious period of Tang Dynasty. (with the investment of approximately is billion yuan) And it is one hundred thousand square meters. And includes the world-rangked water performace, the world-ranked outdoors sweetening treatment project and the national biggest imperial architectural complex in traditional Tang style.
The stilt performance, shanxi opera performance, shadow paly performance as well as the dancing lion performance are shown there. The world-ranked water-screen movies the width 120 meter multiply by 20 meter the musical fountain, the radium shoot, the flame, the mist and soon are the world-class mordern water body landscape. The dancing and singing performance of "Dreams Returning ro Great Tang" can be appreciated, which is a peak in modern Tang wind, The Tang Paradise not only creates grand occasion of the millennium, but also style the glorious period of Tang poetry.
Day03:  Xi'an-Lanzhou
After breakfast to enplane to lanzhou the capital of Gansu Province, and to visit Yellow river mother statue and yellow river waterwheel garden: waterwheel with special shape origins from the Ming Dynasty has a long history.It was the oldest irrigating tool along the yellow river coast in anient time. The lanzhou waterwheel is called:the sky waterwheel:, the overturring waterwheel, the irrigating waterwheel, or the tiger waterwheel the garden is composed of the double round waterwheel. The encircled area along the yellow river souther bank. Then to visit yellow river iron brige, Afer visiting it.to head for the lanzhou white pagoda mountain. At the foot of the mountain there are the passes-golden city and jade folds, where were the important military places in ancient times . The white pagoda was built during yuan Dynasty ance. With exquisite construction was repaired in Qing Dynasty.
Day04:  Lanzhou-Zhongwei
Sha Toupo area-Sha Toupo scenic Area, which is located in the southeast edge of Tengery desert. One of the four most biggest desert in china. It is on the shore of the yellow kiver, and abuts Bao-Lan Railroad and Zhong-Bao Railroad, which is only 22kilometer west away from zhongwei County the shapotou scenic Area, mountains oases. It perferctly combines the clelication of rivers and lakes in Tangnan Region with the vigor in the northwest desert, especially famous for cleserts of yellow river. Controlling sands wonderfully, and shapo Ming zhong (tolling by the sand ). Travelers here can experience pleasures of slipping sands and riding the camel to roam the desert or can feel excitement of folating on yellow river bu sheepskin raft , a very anient wather traffic tool.
Day05: Tian zhongwei-Qingtong Gorge Pagode 108-Yinchuan
After breakfast in hotel, traverllers head for a giant payada group -Qingtong Gorge pagoda 108.
The Qingtong Gorge is located in Qingtong City in the dam area of the yellow river, about 60 kilometers south of Yinchun. The gorge itself is not an amazing sight, but on the nountain slope of its west bank, stands the impressive pagoda 108 originally built in tihe mogolian Yuan Dynasty (1271--1368). Arranged in twelve rous in the shape of a large equilateral triangle-tapering from one to nineteen. The pagoda complex is a cenotaph for Buddhism with enduring mustety. All pure white in color contrasting nicely with the golden desert, they are all brick lamaist pagodas with an octagonal sumeru pedestal supporting the inverted-bowl-style main body crowned with a bead, of which the pagoda at the tip of the triangle on top of the slop is the biggest, The unique form style and the great number of pagodas have never been seen before, giving birth to all kinds of enchanting tales,aoccording to the buddhlisr preaching, there are 108 kinds of toubles and mysteries in the life of human beings. For relieving the numberous troubles , a devout Buddhist os to wear rosary with 108 beads and says prayers 108 times in acknowledgement of man sins. Therefore it is said when a pagoda is counted , a kind of trouble is eliminated. Also if one counts all the pagodas in a single breath, he or the will completely relieved from all kinds of troubles, Near the pagoda 108-the ideal place for shooting Chinese matial arts films like shaolin temple, is the bird Island with hundreds of species like the white and black cranes, swans gray storks, and Chinese wild duck, as well as the preious black swan, In spring large blocks of migratory birds fly here to breek , with eggs of various coulor strewn everywhere.
   Afrer lunch travelers retrun to Yinchuan by bus . and then visit the xixia mausoleum.
The xixia mausoleum is loated to the west of yinchuan, about hokm from the city and in the east of the mountain-Helan mountain. Xixia mausoleum is the emperor's tombs of xixia. There are nine emperor's tombs and over one bundred and forty arisocrats' graves sattered over an area of 50 aquare km. The unearthed relics sa stone clum carred with dragon stone carved with animal head, lotusshaped column stands, pottery Di Wen, bricks carved with flowers, and the carved animal head used as architecture connectors. Show the grand and magnificent view of the emperor's tombs of xixia. Dueto its manificent scale and original primtire style. It is highly cecognised as the oriental pyramid. After that visitors head for the western film castle which enjoys the reputation of "Eastern Hllywood". It is construtde in the zhen bei castle in the desert 30 kilometers west of yinchuan. Zhenbei castle wsa originally a frontier fortress during the ming dynasty (1268-1644) and served as a film studio since the 1920s. The flim castle. Of primitive simplicity. Originality and clesolation, has brought a new life to the ruined fortress. Many front-page flims were born here such as the world-acclaimed "ked Sorghum" shot in 1980, West Boast traveling and "New Dragon Gate Inn" an so on. Next visitors head for the Nanguan Mosque. Traditional architecture is heaving influencend by Arabian style in the Nanguan Mosque's complex built in late ming dynasty, The main building of the Nanguan muselin mosque, covering 10,000 square meters, is elevated to a height of 26 meters . the gread hall qpstairs is large enough to hold an andiene of 1,300. The ground floor onsists of a bathroom. A small prayer hall, a parayer hall for women, an Arabic school, the iman's residence and reception center. The middle section of the main building is topped with one big and four small domes which are painted green and each sports the sculpture of a crescent moon. A fountain 15 meter in diameter lies in front of the main building . which is flanked on either side by a 30-meter-high ceremonial pagoda. Then entire complex looks elegant and majeastic with its well-knit plan and elaborate ornamentation. Thronged with muslims during traclitional festivalsm, and opened to musilims and tourists from foreign countries , the mosqne has become major tourist attraction in Yinchuan and even the entrie Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. On every Friday ,the traditional festival of hui, thousands of muslims gather here and atten religious activities. The nanguan Mosque is not only an open place for religious activities , but also famous scenic spot in yinchun city and the xingxia hui autonomous region.
Day06:  Yinhuan Sand Lake
After breakfast, travelers visit sand lake tourist area.
Sand Lake: It is located 56 kilometers morth of Tinchuan in the Ningxia hui autonomous region. It is a famous scenic spot combining the lush southern-type fields with desert scenery. The sand lake covers an area of 8.2 square kilometers. Of which 12.7 square kilometers is desert. The unique scenery of the lake is composed of sand,water, reed, kird, hill and lotus. The sand lake is divided into two parts, with sand on the south and water on the north. The reed marsh stretching in the lake is a paradise for thousands of various bird species , including white crane black marabou, and swan . when spring comes, bird eggs of various colors lie here and there among the reed. Making a great spectacle. Since the sand lake is abundant in fish. Restaurants here all prepare a special fish feast. Fresh bighead fish of over 10 kilograms id served to tourists. Tourists can also catch fish in the lake if they wish. Then to go to Yinchuan, which is the capital of Hui Autonmmous region of Ningxia. The Helan hill lies to its west, and the yellow river lies to its east, so there are plenty of tourism reaources. The man-made or natural land scapes, religious,moutainsm water, special sands and folk customs bring it unique charm.
Day07:  Yinchuan-Dingbian-Yan'an
After breakfast, travelers visit the chengtian temple pagoda.
Chengtiansi Pagoda: It is located in the chengtian temple. On the west of Yinchuan and usually called western dagoda. It was main buddist temple for the western xia Dynasty ,and was built in 1050. Ntil now it has a long history of more than nine hundred years. The pagoda has a height of 645 meter chengtian temple is also where xingxia provincial museum is located. Xingxia provincial museum is comprehensive museum, combined collecting and researching with displaying, and keeps ten thousand pieces of cultura relics the museum has four basic exhibitions liring of fferent generations of peoples in xingxia and their developmet are unfolded by hundreds of pieces of cultural relice and pictures hui peoples origin,etiquette and soon are introduced by hui people's cothing traditional life appareatus the hanicraft,the pictures.
After breakfast in hotel travelers go to the pagoda hin-Cone of the most important sceni areas in Tan'an. Pagoda hill has a height of 1135.5 meters, and the pagoda was built in dang dynasty. Now its architecture is a traditional stule in ming dynasty. It is nine-story pagoda with a height of 44 meters. Aftre centrel committee of the communist party of china was stationed in Yan'an, the pagoda hill became the symbol of revolutionary holy land-YAN'AN. Following the founding of the people's republic of china.
Yan'an pagoda hill:  was designated by the state coumcil as one of the first group of key cultura relics to be granted state protection. So a lot of visitors from all over the world surge to it. When they arrive at the top of it, they sigh with feeling that withour arriving at the top of it, they can't truly come to Tan'an.
Day08: yan'an-xi'an
After breakfast, travelers visit the bell tower and drum tower square.the bell tower was originally built in ming dynasty. It is served as a historical monument of the acient city-xi'an. It stands in the center of the downtown area where the north street, the south street the east street and the west street meet. The base of the tower is 1,337 square meter in size. 8.6 meter high and 35.5 meters wide. The whole building, 36 meters above ground , is a brick and wood structure. Three storegs of eaves can be seen from exterior of the building but there are only two storey inside then to visit the Drum tower built in ming dynasty. It has a long history of more than six handred years and was used to tell the time at dust . visitors can climb the drum tower-and enjoy the full view of xi'an at last, to visit the hui people streat.
Day09:  xi'an-hongkong-taibei
After breakfast, visitor go to xi'an city wall, the best-prserved and the most complete city wall,
Ancient City Walls: It was built in 1370 in the ming dynasty (1368--1644). The city wall of xi'an is an extens ion of the old dang dynasty structure in about 600BC. It is quite and firm the circular park with local characteristics has been gradually set up since 1983. this forms the construction of xi'an-the ancient city wall as a master line the afforestation as a protection of city wall. The most riqprpus and complete city defence syetem in the cold weap on time consisted of a serial of military the main body of the city defence system, the river around the city. Diaolou, Tian lou, zhalo,zhenglou, tiaolou,daughter wall crenel, the tower gates and so on.
Xi'an city wall was well-know in ming dynasty bue factually it was built basing on Daxing city in sui and tang dynasty. After big lunch visitors finish their great travel and return home by plane.
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