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Huangshan Hiking Tour 
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Of all the notable mountains in China, Mount Huangshan, to be found in the south of Anhui province, is probably the most famous. Originally known as Mt. Yishan it was renamed Mt. Huangshan in 747 AD in recognition of the legendary Huang Di, who was the reputed ancestor of the Chinese people and who made magic pills for immortality here. Hiking The Mount Huangshan...

Wuyi Mountain 5 days hiking Tour
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3 Days Hiking Wuyi Mountain Tour  USD150

Wuyi Mountain 3 Days Hiking Tour  USD160

Hiking the Mountain Wuyi, you start our walking tour-tea culture tour,we will go to visit the ancient Yongle Temple, Happy Buddha, Supernatural big red robe Tea Tree and amazing Nine Dragon Nest.Then to visit ancient HuiYuan temple,eagle rock and watercurten cave. You should bring solid food as lunch or eatting at the temple, tasting WuYi Rock Tea and about 5 hours walking for the whole tour.

Huashan 5days hiking tour
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After that start to hike the Mt. Hua which including North Peak, Thousand-foot Stone Pillar, Lianhua Peak, Yuquan Court and Changjin Pavilion without cable car.  In the afternoon hike in the summit of Mt. Hua to have a look at the sundown. The next morning visit to the sunrise of Mt. Hua.

3days Emeishan hiking tour 
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 Located in Sichuan Province, Emei Mountain's history has been recorded for over 2,000 years, during which time a rich Buddhist cultural heritage has accumulated. Hike the Mountain Emei and atop the Golden Summit, which is 3,099 meters high, one can enjoy the sunrise, seas of clouds, the Buddha's halo and the sunset glow.


7 days Changbaishan hiking tour 
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Changbaishan Changbai Mountain Biosphere (Natural) Reserve is located in the north-east of China at the border to Korea, covering an area of over 196,465 hectares. It has a wholesome natural environment and ecosystem with world famous precious animals like Northeast Tigers, sikas, sables etc. Hiking the Mountain Changbaishan, you'll get more surprise.


Harbin-Changbai Mountain 4 Days' Tour 
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It's China's typical comprehensive nature existence of world importance. The altitude vary from 720 to 2,691 meters above sea level, vegetation changes with covering deciduous forest, mixed coniferous-broadleaf forest with Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis), coniferous forest, dwarf-birch forest and alpine tundra. Hiking the Mountain Changbaishan, you can see the Korean border on the top.

2days Mount Tai hiking tour
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The mountain was once called Mt. Daishan, Mt. Daizong or Mt. Taiyue and was renamed Mt. Taishan in the Spring and Autumn Period (770BC-476BC). It epitomizes splendid Chinese culture and was listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO in 1987.


4days hiking in Mt.Tuoliang and Mt.Wutai

Dense virgin forest covers the whole mountain and different trees are vertically distributed. South of Datong the Wooden Pagoda, precipitous Hanging Monastery and the caves of the troglodytes all make intriguing stops on the journey to sacred Mount Wutai.

Mount Lushan 3days hiking Tour
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Mount Lushan, situated in the north of Jiangxi Province, is famous for "grandeur, peculiarity, danger and elegance".It has beautiful scenery and a cool summer, making it a world famous summer resort and a world cultural heritage site listed by UNESCO.

5days in Mt.songshan. shaolin temple. Longmen Grottos. Mt. Yuntai  USD2190

Located in Dengfeng County of Henan Province, Songshan Mountain is called the Central Mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains. It has 36 peaks and stretches 60 kilometers, composed of Taishi Mountain and Shaoshi Mountain. The highest peak is 1494 meters above sea level.


Zhangjiajie Wilderness Hiking Journey  5 nights 6 days  USD215


Zhangjiajie is a rising tourist city famous for its unique natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. The landform is complex in Zhangjiajie, including mountains, lava, hills, plains, etc. Mountainous area takes up 76 percent of the total. The most characteristic feature is the quartzes sandstone landform, which is rare in the world.
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