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On China's vast land, diverse natural attractions form a picturesque painting. More than 5,000 years' history gives this country priceless cultural heritages. This is a land more than you can imagine.All in all, by virtue of this page and our work on compiling China Top Attractions to show different China in different angle of views. We hope it will be helpful for visitors’ preplanning of China travel and experience sharing of China tour.

China Tour Overview 
Top Things to Do in China

China Top China World Cultural China World Cultural & Natural Heritage List

China Top City Attractions
      China Major Cities Attractions


China Travel Destinations

Top 10 Places to Visit in China

China Top Mountains
China's Famous Mountains
The Sacred Five Mountains
Four Buddhist holy mountains

China Top Grottoes

Chinese Famous Grottoes

China Top Lakes
China's most beautiful Great Lakes

China Top Great waterfalls
China's most beautiful Great waterfalls

China Top Chinese Gardens
Famous Chinese Gardens

China Top  Ancient Buildings
China Famous Ancient Buildings
The Four Most Famous Ancient Bridges in China

China Top Temples
Top 10 Chinese Buddhist Temples
Famous Pagodas in china

China Top Museums
China Top Six Museums

China Top Ancient Tombs
China's most beautiful Mausoleums/Tombs

China Top  Ancient Towns
Famous Ancient Towns in china

China Top Vernacular Dwelling
Famous Ethnic Villages

China Top Ancient Capitals
China Top Eight Ancient Capitals

China Top  residences
Nine Types of Residential Houses Chinese People Live In

China Top Modern Projects
China Top 10 Modern Projects Architecture

China Top Festivals
Traditional Chinese Festivals
Major Festivals of Ethnic Minorities in ChinaAs
Delicacy Festivals and Celebrations

China Top Unique Natural Sights
China Unique Natural Sights
China's Top 10 "Coolest" Summer Getaways
Top 10 Ski Resorts in China

China Top Kungfu
Chinese kungfu
Shaolin Kungfu
Taiji Quan


China Top Teas
Chinese Tea
Chinese Tea Culture

China Top Operas
Chinese Opera

China Top Shows
China Top night shows

China Top River cruising
Yangtze River
Lijiang River

China Top  best beaches
The best beaches in China

China Top Golf
China Golf Brief Introduction

China Top Arts and Crafts
Chinese Arts and Crafts