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Learn Simple Chinese

when you are traveling in China, just try to speak simple Chinase languageand do some exchange with local Chinese people, which will bring more real experience for China tours.

 English Expressions  Chinese Pinyin or Pronunciation  Chinese Characters
 Greeting  Wen hou, da zhao hu  
 Hello!  Ni Hao!  
 Good morning!  Zao Shang Hao!  
 Good afternoon!  Xia Wu Hao!  
 Good evening!  Wan Shang Hao!  
 Good night!  Wan An!  
 Welcome!  Huan ying guang lin!  
 Yes  Dui
 No  Bu
 Please  Qing
 Thank you  Xiexie
 You're welcome  Bukeqi
 Sorry   Duibuqi  
 Excuse me  Darao yixia  
 Do you speak English?    Ni shuo yingyu ma?
 I don't understand  Wo bu mingbai  
 Nice to meet you!  Xing hui  
 Nice knowing you!  Hen gao xing ren shi ni!  
Glad to see you again  Hen gao xing you jian mian le!
 How are you doing?  Hai hao ma?  
 How have you been?  Zui jin zen yang la?  
 How much is it?  Duoshao qian?  
It is very expensive  Taigui le  
 Without meat   buyao rou  
 Vegetables only   zhiyao shucai
 Today   jintian  
 Tomorrow   mingtian  
 Yesterday   zuotian  
 Ship/Boat   chuan  
 Train   huoche  
 Bus   qiche  
 How can I get to …?   Wo zenyang dao…?  
 When?   Shenme shihou?  
 Near/far  jin/yuan  
 Good-Bye!  Zai Jian!  

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