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We suggest that one should consider purchasing a travel insurance policy when planning your travel. You should be aware of your rights and benefits of the policy for travel insurance. Make sure that your policy covers unexpected circumstances. A reputable insurance company always provides a wide range of travel insurance plans, which are more than enough to meet your special needs.

In China, each legitimate travel agency takes the responsibility to have Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance. This covers unforeseen situations due to the fault of the agency. Thus the cost of damage or the injury to travelers will be compensated by the insurance policy. Note that Travel Agencies' Liability Insurance does not cover damages caused by the faults of the visitors themselves. In this case, travelers should consider buying other insurance for their protection in case some unpredicted situations arise; for instance, Accident Insurance as well as the Personal Liability Insurance etc.

The insurance is China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance.

Benefits and Limitations
In case that the Insured sustains accidental injury or is stricken by acute diseases while the Policy is in force, the Insurance Company will deliver its benefit payment in accordance with the following provisions:

1. Upon the death of the Insured due to the acute illness or disease itself within 7 days after he or she is stricken, the Insurance Company will pay the death benefit.

2. Upon the death of the Insured due to the accidental injury itself within 180 days after the occurrence of accident, the Insurance Company will pay the death benefit.

3. In case the Insured is missing because of the accident and is afterwards declared dead by the People's Court, the Insurance Company will pay the death benefit.

4. If the Insured sustains bodily disability from and only from the same accidental injury, the Insurance Company shall, upon receipt and approval of the proofs, pay a benefit for the disability provided such disability shall result within 180 days from the date of the accident. If treatment of such disability continues beyond 180 days from the date of the accident, the Insurance Company will pay disability benefits according to its appraisal of the Insured's disability seriousness on the 180th date from the occurrence of the accident.

5. When the Insured incurs medical expenses in hospitals at or above the county level or other medical providers approved by the Insurance Company, the Insurance Company will indemnify 80 percent of the medical expenses.

6. The corpse treatment and remains repatriation expenses insured for the Insured's death from the aforesaid causes, the Insurance Company will indemnify the expenses according to the actual expenditures within the funeral benefit.

Benefits shall not apply to any event which causing the Insured's death, disability or engenders medical expenses to the Insured:

violation or attempted violation of the law or resistance to arrest;
fighting, excessive drinking, suicide, self-inflicted injury or drug abuse by the Insured;
accidents occurring while or because the Insured is affected by alcohol, any drugs or restricted medicines;
the Insured's driving after drinking or without driving license or using non validly-registered vehicles;
accidents arising from the Insured's abortion and childbirth;
any malpractice event arising from cosmetic surgery, or other surgical or medical operations;
non-prescribed medicine or ointment taken by the Insured;
the period of time when the Insured carries AIDS or is digested HIV positive;
war, military activities, riot, or armed rebellion;
nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation or nuclear pollution;
non-medical treatment such as health nursing performed to the Insured;
home care and in-house care undertaken to the Insured;
teeth washing, teeth cleaning, optometry, ocular prosthesis, armature prosthesis, and installation of artificial limb and hearing-aid;
treatment and rehabilitation of disability existed prior to the Insured's application;
the Insured's hospital transfer without the Insurance Company's prior consent;
the insured leaving the sites of sightseeing arranged by the tourism agency or taking transportation means other than that of the tourism agency.
Insurance Period
1. The Insurance Period of the Policy covering the tourists entering China commences from the time the Insured enters China and takes part in the itinerary arranged by the tourism services, and terminates at the time the Insured completes exit formalities to departing China and ends the journey.

2. The Insurance Period of the Policy covering the tourists traveling domestically commences from the time the Insured boards on the transportation vehicle arranged by tourism services at specified time, and terminate at the time the Insured leave the transportation vehicle arranged by tourism services to end the journey.

3. The Insurance Period ends at the time the Insured ceases the specified itinerary when the Policy is in force.

While we take all precautions possible to make your trip a safe and secure experience of a lifetime, you can help us by insuring the little things than cannot be foreseen. For example a snowstorm closing down your airport before you can board your flight to China. Or you arriving in Beijing while your luggage is on its way to Timbuktu...

We understand that this little things can ruin a holiday that you planned for a long time, so we carefully selected travel insurance providers that cover your country of residence. We believe that this providers give you the maximum protection against all eventualities and the best value for money.

Europe, Australia & New Zealand If you are citizen of Europe, Australia or New Zealand we suggest you to insure your vacation with Globelink. Globelink is a independent insurance agency providing a sensible level of coverage for reasonable costs. Please click the link below to get to their site:

United States of America, Canada For Residents of the United States and Canada we suggest to visit insuremytrip. At insuremytrip you can select from a wide range of different travel insurance offers and compare them to choose the best one for you.

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