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Cycling in China

Cycling in China can be a fantastic experience. But since China is so big, where to start your journey? BICYCLE KINGDOM provide you all the nessesary equipments and the fined guided bike tours in China. Bicycle riding in China is not just a holiday, it's a life time experience and something you will remember the rest of your life. As said, China's big. Even if you have a year to cycle in China, it's still difficult to see "everything". It depends really how much time you have.

You will be able to find a bicycle hiring shop very easily. This is because the bicycles form a very important part of the traveling plan. So, no matter, in which lane you look for a bicycle you are sure to find it.

It is advisable that if you are really in a mood for experiencing Cycling in China, then find an empty lane first! Otherwise you will not be able to paddle for even one minute at a stretch! Important roads in the city tend to be very busy, specially the roads of Beijing.

But that is not a factor because the best way to take pleasure in the roads of the capital city is by paddling your way through. There are certain special bicycle lanes or the historic alleyways of hutong, which make cycling in China an enjoyable experience. After all is there any better way to feel the city, than to see it the way the locals see it everyday.

Cycling Hutong in Beijing

Beijing is a city of amazing contrasts - an ancient capital with incredible historical sites, and a bustling modern metropolis. Cycling in "Hutong" is a very good opportunity for you to have a real understanding of the local people life.

"Hutong" is an area of narrow lanes and traditional homes typical of early Beijing-shuttling between the beautiful Rear Lake and traditional quadrangle. They all look same but full of life: children playing around, old men gather around playing cards, and the local bicyclists traveling through. It is now become an informal symbol of the city.

Cycling atop the Ancient City Wall in Xian

Cycling atop the Ancient City Wall in Xian is another unique experience in China. Ancient City Walls were built during the 14th century on Tang dynasty foundations and they date from the Ming dynasty. The walls are the largest and best-preserved ancient fortress in the world. Cycling on the commodious wall, you can get amazing views of the city and the city is all under your eyes.

Cycling Around Yangshuo

Yangshuo is one of the best towns for moderate cycling in China. Here you can experience an interesting and enjoyable cycling tour by taking the picturesque country road. Along the way, you can visit the big banyan tree which covers an area of 1000 square meters with a long history of 1,000 years and the Moon Hill with a hole in its peak in the shape of a half moon where you can look through the sky as well as the old villages. Beside these, you also can see the Yulong River, rice paddies, lush bamboo groves and people working in the fields.

Cycling to the Suhe Old Town outside Lijiang

Cycling to the Suhe Old Town outside Lijiang, you can explore the Naxi ethnic life by your own way.
The Suhe Old Town is four kilometers (2 miles) away from the Lijiang Old Town. The Suhe old town is alive with the strong culture of primitive simplicity. It is a traditional Naxi village where you can enjoy your drinking and food at the bank of the river in the farmland. If you are tired by the hustle and bustle of city life, come here, the tranquility of country life will certainly relax and revive you. Along the way, you can visit the lion hill behind Lijiang Old Town. Standing on the top of the Lion Hill , you will have a wonderful panoramic view of Lijiang Old Town.

Cycling in Kashgar

As a China Muslim center, Kashgar is endowed by nature with desert, glacier and mountains. Id Kah Mosque, Kashgar Sunday Bazaar and Abakh Khoia Tomb are typical historic spots in Kashgar which are located well within 5km from the city centre. It is easy for you to take a bike tour to discover those historic sites.

Cycling to the renowned Sunday Bazaar and the less known but more amazing animal Bazaar, you will get to know this ancient Silk Road history better. In kashgar animal Bazaar, you can see sheep section, cow section, horse cart section, etc. Here, you can see dealers negotiate silently with hand gestures. Seeing how ease the local life style is, you feel like being back to the ancient time.

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