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Wildlife Viewing in China

Welcome to the China Wildlife Viewing Tours category of Gordon's Travel Guide! We have compiled a listing of some of the finest China wildlife viewing and nature tours in China for you to research, plan, and book your next adventure, active, or leisure vacation. All of the wildlife tour operators represented here have wildlife viewing tours in China that fit most budgets and interest levels.

Come on to join our remarkable China wildlife tours! Besides its many historical attractions and charms, China also enjoys the diversified wildlife reserves.

China is a country where there are a large number of precious endangered animals. According to the incomplete statistics, more than 120 species of animals were included in the list of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. And with the continuous development of the economy in China and the deterioration of the global ecological environment day by day on the earth, the species of the endangered animals in China will go on increasing in the future.

Nowadays, many Chinese indigenous wild animals are rarely seen in China, including the lovely giant pandas, the graceful Crested Ibis, the interesting Snub-Nosed Monkey, the precious South China Tiger, the gentle Red-crowned Crane and other rare and precious animals. At present, it is impossible to see these endangered animals in the original inhabitation areas in the wild and people can only see them mainly in the natural preservation areas where the endangered animals inhabit, such as the National Nature Reserve, Shennongjia National Nature Reserve. Besides, tourists can watch the giant pandas   with the quantity of the wild ones less than 1000 in Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces in China, such as The Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, Guangzhou Zoo, Yaan Bifengxia Valley and Wolong Nature Reserve. Tourists can also watch the crested ibis in Zhuhuan Nature Reserve in Hanzhong of Shaanxi Province and the Snub-Nosed Monkey distributed in Guangzhou Zoo. And South China Tigers are mainly in several zoos in China, including Shanghai Wild Animal Park and Guangzhou Zoo.

Giant panda The Giant Panda  is one of the rarest animals on the earth with its unique color pattern. The Panda is strongly built a robust animal with a submissive character and is delightedly charming. . Habitat of the giant panda once included most eastern and southern areas of China, and now is distributed only in Minshan Mountain, Qionglaishan Mountain, Daxiangling Mountain Range and Xiaoxiangling Mountain Range in Sichuan Province, Qinling Mountain Range in Shaanxi Province and Minshan Mountain in the south of Gansu Province. About 1000 giant pandas exist at present. As a principal producing area of the giant panda, Wolong Nature Reserve has been listed in the UN's "Human & Ecosphere" nature reserve network and serves as a research center of giant pandas.  Read more
Golden monkey Golden monkey Chinese children are very familiar with the legend of a magical monkey called "Sunwukong" (Monkey King), who helps the weak with kindness, and fights evil with justice. But the real monkeys are fighting mankind for their own survival. There are three species of Golden Monkeys who all live in the forests of China, with some species in the mountains. Golden Monkeys have been on loan display in foreign countries for many times, attracting the adoration from people of all countries.Read more
Crested IbisThe Crested Ibis is a rare and precious species in the world.Its forehead and face are bare, showing red skin and it has a dense crest of willow leaf like crest on the nape. When it flies, vermeil from behind the wings and tail come out from the pure white plumage, looking graceful and beautiful. Due to its gentle nature, the Crested Ibis is called ‘lucky bird’ and is considered as the symbol of good luck and happiness by Chinese people.Read more

TakinThe Takin is an endemic animal of China. It is one of the rarest and  most endangered animals in the world. the Shaanxi Gold Takin and the Sichuan Gold Takin.The takin is a big bovid animal living in the dense forests at the eastern foot of the Himalayas. Its sturdiness is between the goat and the antelope with the shape of an ox.Read more

Tibetan AntelopeTibetan antelope was described to the Western world by Abel in 1826. is a medium-sized bovid which is about 80 centimetres (2.6 ft) in height at the shoulder. It is the sole species in the genus Pantholops and is placed in its own subfamily, Pantholopinae. It is native to the Tibetan plateau including China's Tibet Autonomous Region, Qinghai province The dense coat is very soft and woolly, and is very good insulation against the Tibetan weather.Extremely wary by nature, the chiru is constantly on the alert and is hence difficult to approach   Read more
red-crowned crane,Snow-white migratory birdis another attraction of China. It is 1.2m tall red-crowned crane, a glorious patch of red skin over the red-brown head adds lots of attraction towards this aril creature. Crane is an important symbol to the people of China, Japan and other Asian countries. It typically represents long life, peace, happiness and fidelity.Read more

China Wildlife Tour will provide a unique chance for you to get up-close and personal  Visitors can discover a range of habitats: the huge deserts of the northwest and the Tibetan Plateau, forested mountain slopes and the rivers, lakes and steamy tropical forests of the deep south. Interesting features on medicinal plants, rare cranes and, of course, the giant panda supplement animal and habitat listings.

Accessible and beautifully illustrated, Chinese Wildlife will appeal both to the first-time visitor and the serious naturalist seeking a compact volume. It is also a great souvenir.