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China spring tour


Visit to flower misty Yangzhou on March

Yangzhou boasts the most prosperous city in ancient time. There is an old saying goes that " With a hundred thousand strings of coins wrapped around the waist, riding a crane down to Yangzhou" The tradition continues to the present. Are you a rich man? Then come to enjoy the life in Yangzhou. "Flower misty March"  in the poem refers to spring nowadays is the best time heading for Yangzhou.
An ancient city with tender view and mild climate is as beautiful as a Chinese ink painting.
Peach blossom along the Slender West Lake dances with spring breeze; will you feel like enter into "misty flower"  poem?
Unique rare flower.symbolizing purity and elegance, will compete in splendor in this charming season.
Classical Chinese garden bearing graceful pavilions and various plants is waiting for your digging up their fantastic change.
-- Yangzhou dish will stimulate your sense of savor, while the pretty girls will definitely catch your sight.


Guilin enjoyed since ancient times, "Landscape best in the world" reputation, is an important tourist destination and the world city, has been the State Council of the national key scenic tour of the city and the historical and cultural city two titles, known as the Pearl of international tourism.
Scenic Guilin to the Li River scenery and karst landscape view represented there looks green and water looks beautiful. Dong Qi, Shek America "four no" reputation, is typical of natural beauty and classic brands. "Shiqian peak wild ring stand, a stream of water hold the city," King in the city, in view of the city is the charming features of Guilin cit


Lijiang, Yunnan
Old Town of Lijiang has a long history, quaint picturesque fishing village of both content, and the town of appearance, it has water, mountains in this city, blending mountain town, mountains combine with water, road free and widely, street deep and long, on the roadside river, weeping willows flutter on the water

Daughter country of the Lugu lake
Lugu Lake surrounded by mountains, more than three months of snow a year period.  Rich in forest resources, fresh air and beautiful scenery, the lake is regarded as a "Mother Lake” With local people. it
Has also been hailed as "Penglai fairyland." here is a good choice over Tambala for lovers Naturally

WestLake in Hangzhou

  Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful scenery in the world all the time, is regard as "paradise in the world". The famous traveler named Marco Polo has been said: "it is the most and precious city in the world” West lake surround by many famous grotto. stone tablets and ancient building, become precious art treasure. For thousands of years, a lot of foreigners and Chinese enchanted with the beautiful scenery.

West lake in Hangzhou, is a punishable beautiful elegant's beautiful landscape. With dazzling Fung Yun heritage monuments and cultural arts blending integrated National Scenery. It regards as beautiful west lake for its center three sides Yunshan, middle Han clear water, Lake Strip shade surrounded, mountains verdant, painting bridge .cloud tree cage yarn, steeping between mountains, it is the best place to tour.



Mt.Huangis a World Cultural Heritage Site and one of China’s top ten Scenic Areas. It offers a feast for the eyes, boasting unique scenery of jagged peaks, thousand year old pines, crystal clear hot springs and mysterious mists. Stone steps, possibly as many as 60,000, are carved into the side of the mountain, dating back as much as 1,500 years.
The mountain presents different looks in four seasons. In the spring it is filled with the aroma of flowers; in the summer, it is the world of pouring springs; in the autumn, it is dyed by the flaming color of maple leaves; and in the winter, it is covered by silver snow and rimes. Take a cable car to the summit and enjoy the spectacular views that have captivated and inspired local artists for centuries.


Is known as the "most beautiful countryside in China," is home to at least 50 old villages.

Walking through these old villages in Spring offers refreshing views of hills covered in yellow rape, of green farmland and luxuriant camphor trees, of creeks and small rapids. Villages lie along small rivers, trees stand on riverbanks, and old farmers leisurely drive ducks towards a pond, all coming together to form a typical Chinese countryside scene.

Wuyuan is known not only for its natural scenery, but also for its glorious past. The remote county was home to some of China's top scholars, including Zhu Xi, a Confucian master in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), and Zhan Tianyou, China's first railway engineer. Thousands of Wuyuan people passed the civil imperial examinations -- examinations for selecting government officials in feudal dynasties -- and climbed high on the official ladder. The county also produced some of the country's richest merchants.

Subshrubby Peony

 the place where is best for Subshrubby Peony, it is the wonder the world.”(OuYangxiu). The poet of Tang Dynasty BaiJuyi said: “ To blossom are 20 days, all the people are mad of this city.” They are describe the Subshrubby Peony show meeting vividly. Gone through 27 Spring and Autumn of Luoyang Peony Show has become one of the four sections travel list, and a state-level intangible cultural heritage. During LuoYang Subshrubby Peony Show, the scene looks like sea, all the people come here, some people come here especially. There are many foreign friends and overseas Chinese, hell high water, traveled far away to appropriating the unique features of Luoyang peony, both for the "king of flowers" by dumping and intoxicated. So it is " the place where is best for Subshrubby Peony, it is the wonder the world. "


Longyou Grottoes
Longyou Grottoes following the Egyptian pyramids, Great Wall of China is the "ninth wonder of the world after the Eight Wonders. such as caves in the history of Chinese architecture was first discovered. Domestic archaeologists, architectural historians have experts and scholars to Longyou Exploration. The discovery of artificial caves Longyou so that people marvel, the mystery attendant also makes a sudden and devastating suspense.One after another mystery unintelligible, incomprehensible mystery to explore more attractive to decipher. On their formation, usage, age, construction and so many mysteries, so that rebirth mystery caves, mysterious feels double.


Ali Tibet

Ali, is Tibet’s Tibet, is the plateau of the plateau, is the mystery of the mysterious, remote and distant after, is the soul of modern sanctuary, the city's nursing home ...... depression Ali is Ali! Has an average elevation of over 4,200 meters, there are endless torrent of Shiquan river, Ma Quan river, XiangQuan river, Peacock river, and has the face of the vast sky of the vast land, there is mapping white blue mountain holy lakes, there is an eagle and soar running antelope, are quietly standing in the remains of ancient civilizations from the day ...... here is the nearest place from sky.


Mt. Maiji ,also named MaiJi cliff, is a strange peak in the Mt. Qinling of china, it is above 1742 meters high, the elevation is only 142 meters, but the shape of this mountain is very strange ,like a white rick, so people called it maiji mountain. The south west of mountains are dangerous caves, famous grottos are dugged on the cliff, some 20—30 meters away from mountains, some even 70—80 meters, there are so many grottos on the cliff, they are rarely in china, is only a peak in the small mountain of QinLing Mountains. MaiJi grottos is one of four most famous grottos in china, other three are: MOGao grottos in DunHuang, LongMen grottos and YunGang grottos. It is the art treasure in the world.


Qinghai Lake is located in the northeastern Qinghai Plateau, where is vast grasslands, rivers and many lush. Around the lake surrounded by four high mountains: the north is the magnificent strong Hill, east of the mountains is majestic sun and moon mountain, south is the Qinghai south mountain, winding Amid the west, The four mountain elevations are between 3600 to 5000 meters. Everywhere you look around, as if the four high natural barriers, the lake is surrounded closely it.

Tian Chi

Tianchi's morning is so quiet, blue water take people into a dream world. A slight breeze, rippling the lake from the sparkling waves. layers of the roll-out of the mountains reflecting in the water, shaking loose a trace followed up. Tianchi is so clear immense all the time in spring, luminous and pleasant. Walk on the lake, with unlimited water to filtration poetic distractions, washed bother so that people become happy and simple. The north shore of the lake from the mountain cliff Tianchi gush down, merged into East small tianchi and West Xiaotianchi. That volley plunging waterfalls, such as the White Dragon jet beads, like Yu Tan and silver screens. Tianchi is like a night under the blue gem set in the mountains embrace. When the Tianshan sunset, here are showing a splendid picture of tianchi.


 BaiTa mountain

Baita Mountain is located in north shore of the Yellow River in Lanzhou City in Gansu Province, It is famous for White Tower hill. As the mountains ups and downs, Pan knot suburbs, like "surround Jincheng" trend. As have the Jincheng hill in foot of the mountains, jade Diego 2 off, as the hub of the ancient military. White Tower was built in the Yuan dynasty, Ming Jingtai years of reconstruction, seven levels and eight directions, on the home green top, round base under construction, through about 17 meters high. Mountain One, two, three buildings, bases on higher of the mountain, uneven walls, corridors with green trees are pavilions, extending in all directions. Especially in spring, it likes a beautiful scene.