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Natural Scenery
  Yuyuantan Park
  Ritan Park
  Yuetan (the Altar of the Moon) Park
  Nanluoguxiang (Nanluoguxiang Hutong, 南锣鼓巷)
  Beijing Aquarium
  Beijing Temple Fair
  China Central Television Building (New CCTV building)
  National Grand Theater
  Shihua (Stone Flower) Cave
  China Century Monument
  The Drum and Bell Tower in Beijing
  Beijing Attractions
  Summer Kunming Lake
  Summer Longevity Hill
  The Marble Boat
  A Bridge over Garden Waters
  The Tower of Buddist Incense
  The Hall of Dispelling Clouds
  The Hall of Joyful Longevity
  The Hall of Jade Billows
  The Covered Walkway and The Marble Boat
  Summer Palace scenic areas
  the imperial garden-(Yuhuayuan)
  Laolongtou Great Wall & Shanhaiguan Pass
  The Great Wall at Gubeikou
  CCTV Tower
  Tourist Trail - Beijing Zoo
  Fragrant Hills
  Summer Palace
  The Beihai ParK
  The World Park
  Beijing Badaling Wildlife
Historical Site
  Huabiao of beijing
  Memorial Archways in Beijing
  The Former Residence of Mao Dun
  Former Residence of Qi Baishi in Beijing
  Former Residence of Lao She
  Former Residence of Guo Moruo
  Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum
  Former Residence of Soong Chingling
  Former Residence of Lu Xun
  Other Famous Hutongs
  Dashilan Street
  The Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street
  Protection of Hutong
  Hutong culture History
  Great Hall of the People
  Monument to People's Heroes
  Gate of Heavenly Peace
  Beijing Guozijian
  jiankou Great Wall
  JuYongGuan Great Wall
  The Legend of Watch Towers
  The Mysteries of the Palace Roofs
  Hall for Ancestral Worship (Fengxiandian)
  Gate of Celestial Purity (Qianqingmen)
  Six Eastern Palaces (Dongliugong)
  Palace of Terrestrial Tranquility (Kunninggong)
  The Hall of Joyful Longevity (Leshoutang).
  The Nine Dragon Screen
  Palace of Tranquil Longevity (Ningshougong)
  Xiliugong of Forbidden City
  Qianqinggong Palace
  Hall of Mental Cultivation--Yangxindian
  Palace of Union and Peace -- Jiaotaidian
  Palace of Heavenly Purity- Qianqinggong
  Baohedian of Forbidden City
  The Hall of Central Harmony in Forbidden City, Beijing
  Forbidden City of Taihedian
  The First Courtyard and Inner Golden River
  Forbidden City -Meridian Gate
  Virtual Guide to the Forbidden City
  The Forbidden City
  The Sacred Way
  Chinese Scenic Spot-Beijing's Siheyuan
  The Great Wall at Huangyaguan
  The Great Wall at Dongjiakou
  The Great Wall at Jiaoshan
  Jinshanling Great Wall
  Beijing Simatai Great Wall
  Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall
  Beijing's Hutongs
  Badaling Great Wall
  Beihai Park and Round City
  Peking Man Site
  Ancient Observatory
  Dingling Tomb
  Prince Gong's Mansion
  Lugou Qiao - Marco Polo Bridge
  Jingshan Park
  Ruins of Yuanmingyuan
  Ming Tombs
  Great Wall (Badaing, Mutianyu, Simatai and Juyong
Memorial or Museum
  Beijing Yushengtang Herbal Medicine Museum
  The Art Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts
  Chinese Ethnic Museum in Beijing
  Beijing Traditional Opera Museum
  China Railway Museum
  The China Aviation Museum
  China Red Sandalwood Museum
  Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
  China Science & Technology Museum
  Beijing Museum of Natural History
  China Printing Museum
  China Bee Museum
  Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum
  Chinese Military Museum
  The China Sports Museum
  China Numismatic Museum (Beijing Ancient Monetary Museum)
  The Geological Museum of China
  Beijing Museum Guide
  Xu Beihong Memorial
  National Museum of China
  Magic Number
  How to Worship the God of Heaven
  Hall of Abstinence
  The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest
  Red Stair way Bridge
  Triple Sound Stone
  The Echo Wall
  The Imperial Vault of Heaven
  The Altar of Heaven (YuanQiuTan)
  Jietai Temple
  China's Great Wall Museum
  Beijing's Underground City
  Tian'anmen Square
church or temple
  Beijing's 798 Art District
  National Art Museum of China
  Temple of the Origin of the Dharma (Fayuansi)
  Taimiao Imperial Temple
  Temple of the White Dagoba (Baita Si)
  Niujie ( Ox Street) Mosque
  Big Bell Temple
  Five Pagoda Temple (Wuta Si)
  Beijing Happy Valley
  Badachu Park
  Qing Tombs
  Eastern Qing Tombs
  ChangLing Tomb
  White Cloud Temple in Beijing
  Confucian Temple
  Tuan Cheng Fortress
  Tanzhe Temple
  Sleeping Buddha Temple
  Yonghe Lamasery
  Temple of Heaven Park
local and native
  Temple of Azure Clouds (Biyun Si)
  Taoranting Park
  Beijing Grand View Garden guide
  Brief Introduction
  Zhihua Temple
Spot Gymnasium
  'The Water Cube', National Aquatics Centre, Beijing
  Beijing National Stadium (Bird's Nest/Olympic Stadium)
  Beijing Country Golf Club
  Beijing Haolin Golf Club
  Beijing Taiwei Golf Club
  Changping International Golf
  Beijing international Golf Club
Opera or Shows
  Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort
  Beijing Ski Resorts
  Beijing Badaling Ski Resort
  Beijing Wanlong Ski Resort
  Laoshe Teahouse
  Empress Dowager Cixi
  About Emperor Qianlong
  Red Theater
  The Peking Opera Show, Beijing
  ChaoYang Theatre
  Roast Duck Banquet and Cultural Show