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china unique tour - 12days Taklamakan expedition including 6  days crossing Taklamakan with caravan and   trekking
12days Taklamakan expedition including 6 days crossing Taklamakan with caravan and trekking
Taklimakan Desert is the second largest shifting sands desert in the World, covering an area of 337,600 square km.Taklimakan Desert is known as the “sea of death” by the silk road traders that used to cross it in their caravans in times gone by, many traders entered the desert lost their way and were never to be seen again.There is the option to experience ancient desert transportation by riding a camel over the dunes. We can also trek through the desert for upto an hour.TktXinjiang Travel
china unique tour - 15 Days Ancient Silk Road tour Shanghai, Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Xi
15 Days Ancient Silk Road tour Shanghai, Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, Xi'an & Beijing adventure $ 1988
2000 years ago, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty dispatched an emissary to the west, not for trade, but for securing allies against the hordes intrusion from the north. That was the first time China opened its door to the western world. Since then, camel caravans, carrying spices, fruits and all kinds of goods from the west, continuously crossed the vast deserts and the freezing mountains to come to China for the seek of silk. Today, you can follow the path of those ancient caravans all the way on the silk road. But, with YEAT, you will certainly experience the adventure in a much comfortable way.
china unique tour - 14 Days Silk Road tour of Beijing, Xi
14 Days Silk Road tour of Beijing, Xi'an, Urumqi, Turpan, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang & Lanzhou Marvels $ 1998
Beijing is the capital of China with a lot of must-see spots, like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City,Xian was China's capital more than 1000 years ago, it has a lot of historic spots, like the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Wild Goose Pagoda.Dunhuang also prides itself on its charming natural beauty. Crescent Moon Spring and the Singing Sand Mountains are fantastic way to experience the desert landscape of Dunhuang....
china unique tour - 19 Days Silk Road Tour of Adventure & Fashion $2380
19 Days Silk Road Tour of Adventure & Fashion $2380
Feature of this fantastic tour: Start from the capital, this tour will take you to the mysterious and attractive historical Silk Route in China, where you will visit many historical wonders, Buddhism temples and beautiful Chinese classical architectures and historical ruins as well as the weekly Great Sunday Bazaar, where kaleidoscope of scenes from the pages of 'A Thousand and One Nights. End your trip at the biggest city- Shanghai, where you also learn the China of yesterday, today and tomorrow
china unique tour - 6 Days Silk Road Tour of  xi
6 Days Silk Road Tour of xi'an to Dunhuang $600
Trip Overview This 6 days tour will lead to Dunhuang and Xian, which are two important cities on the Silk Road. It covers Mogao Grottoes one of the three famous rock grottoes and regarded as a storehouse of the Buddhist art in the world, Roaring Mingsha Hill, Yumenguan, Yangguan and the Ancient City Wall, Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian.
china unique tour - 10 Days Silk Road Tour of  Xi
10 Days Silk Road Tour of Xi'an-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi-Kashgar Adventure
The Chinese section boasts numerous historic sites and cultural relics, which include the terracotta army of China's first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Famen Temple, which still keeps bone fragments of Buddha, Mogao and Maijishan Grottoes, Jiayu Pass of the Great Wall, the signal towers from the Han Dynasty, famous Ta'er Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism and the ruins of Gaochang , once a strategic town on the Silk Road.
china unique tour - 9 Days Silk Road tour of Urumqi-Kashgar-Turpan-Dunhuang-Xi
9 Days Silk Road tour of Urumqi-Kashgar-Turpan-Dunhuang-Xi'an Adventure
The Han-dynasty Silk Road began at the magnificent capital city of Chang'an (today's Xian ). The route took traders westwards into Gansu Province through Lanzhou , Tianshui, Zhangye, Jiuquan along the Hexi Corridor reached Jiayuguan - the giant barrier of the Great Wall and the first key point of the route- Dunhuang. Dunhuang is in the west end of the Hexi Corridor of Gansu Province. It is one of the well-known Chinese historical and cultural cities, and the bright pearl on the ancient Silk Road.
china unique tour - 21 Day Silk Road tour of  Xi
21 Day Silk Road tour of Xi'an to Kashgar Tour
For centuries the Silk Road was the thread that linked the East and West. From as early as 200 BC the silk merchants of Xi'an set off with their camel caravans on the long trek to distant Constantinople while some adventurous pioneers such as Marco Polo went to the east to see this mysterious ancient country. This tour allows you to follow in their footsteps and to trace the legendary route taken by Marco Polo. With the inclusion of exotic places like Urumqi, Kashgar and Turpan, all improved expedition along the northern path of the Silk Road features Central Asia's most historic, dramatic and splendid scenery. Moreover, you will have opportunities to experience local cultures in some of the oasis towns populated by minority people in Dunhuang
china unique tour - 20 Days Baijing-Xi
20 Days Baijing-Xi'an-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi-Kucha-Kashgar Silk Road Tour
Join us for an exciting 20-day tour along this most ancient of Eurasian trade routes. Traveling by plane, train, bus, jeep, and camel, we will visit such legendary sites as the Thousand Buddha Caves of Dunhuang, where Chinese, Tibetan, Indian, and Mediterranean religion and art met and mixed in the first millennium AD; the oasis town of Turpan, with the ruined city of Gaochang and the spectacular murals at the Bezeklik caves nearby; Kashgar, home of Central Asia's most fabulous bazaar; and archaeological ruins from 2,200 years ago at Kucha and Khotan, remote outposts of the Han dynasty keeping lonely vigil still on the rim of the formidable Taklamakan desert. The tour includes sightseeing in the old Tang capital of Xi'an and an imperial-style banquet in Beijing. It’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime.
china unique tour - SRA04: 9days Tang dynasty in Xi
SRA04: 9days Tang dynasty in Xi'an And Xia dynasty in Yinchuan
You'll have the various trekking deserts tour, rafting, expediton, photograph tour. It's different feeling than the usual Silk Road tour itineraries. It also can bring you back the Tang Dynasty and Xia Cynasty. More special...
china unique tour - Coach Tour in Xi
Coach Tour in Xi'an
The city of Xi'an (population 6 million) was the first Chinese city to open up its doors to the Ancient world, not in 1980 under the "Open Door" policy but in fact during the Tang dynasty when Xian blossomed as the first stop on the Silk Road.Over a period of more than 2000 years, Xian was the capital for eleven dynasties. Along with Rome and Constantinople, this city was a world leader in culture and trade and played a vital role in bridging the gap between east and west.
china unique tour - Guilin Coach tour
Guilin Coach tour
Guilin is both famous for its wonderful scenery and long, vibrant history. Known as "cassia tree forest," the most popular scenic sites are the cassia trees and Lijiang River. With spectacular views of rivers, karst peaks, and lush greenery,Guilin will surely fulfill any tourist's sightseeing fantasies. Also, the city was established in the Qin Dynasty as a powerbase for the firs emperor of China and served in the 1930s as a Communist stronghold against the Japanese.
china unique tour - Shanghai ,Suzhou ,Huangzhou,Zhouzhuang
Shanghai ,Suzhou ,Huangzhou,Zhouzhuang
Jiangnan refers to the southern part of the lowest reaches of the Yangtze River and encompasses the Shanghai municipality, the southern part of Jiangsu Province (Suzhou) and the northern part of Zhejiang Province (Hangzhou). This fertile Yangtze Delta is a treasure chest of unique ancient cultural relics and historical heritage. Abundant lakes, canals and ponds of the region create notable landscapes and shape distinctive townscapes.
china unique tour - Coach Tour in Beijing
Coach Tour in Beijing
A s the capital of China, Beijing is one of the world's truly imposing cities , with a 3,000-year history and 11 million people. Covering 16,808 square kilometers in area, it is the political, cultural and economic center of the People's Republic . Situated in northeast China, Beijing adjoins the Inner Mongolian Highland to the northwest and the Great Northern Plain to the south. Five rivers run through the city, connecting it to the eastern Bohai Sea. Administratively, the Beijing municipality equals the status of a province , reporting directly to the central government.
china unique tour - SRA09 Xinjiang Grand tour -  Trekking
SRA09 Xinjiang Grand tour - Trekking
In this tour, you'll spend 34 days to enjoy all beautiful and fascinating scenic spots in Beijing and Xinjiang. Also, You can hike so many different mountains in Xinjiang, such as the Mountain Boghda, and full day riding camels with short trekking inside the Taklimakan Desert along the Hotan river towards the Mazartagh and camping.
china unique tour - SRA08: 22 Days Silk Road Exploration B
SRA08: 22 Days Silk Road Exploration B
Spend 22 days to visit the sightseeings in Beijing, Urumqi, Korla, Kuqa, Aksu, Kashgar, Hetian, Minfeng, Turpan, Dunhuang, Xian and Shanghai. You can feature the Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Badaling Great Wall, the Ming Tomb, Summer Palace, the Tiemen Pass, the Subashi Ruins, the Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves, the Karakuri Lake, Kah Mosque, the Abakh Khoja Tomb, Mogao Grottoes and Yuyuan Garden.
china unique tour - SRA03:11 Days Silk Road Golden Tour
SRA03:11 Days Silk Road Golden Tour
The Silk Road crisscrosses one of China's most extravagantly colorful and richly varied regions, populated by the majority Han Chinese, nomadic Kazakhstani horsemen, gaudily attired Tibetan monks, and proud Uighurs who can trace their Islamic ancestry back to the Middle East.
china unique tour - SRA01:8 Days Grand Silk Road  Tour
SRA01:8 Days Grand Silk Road Tour
In this tour, the route is From Urumqi-Turpan-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Lanzhou-Xian. During the 8 days you can visit the Flaming Mountain, Grape Valley, Ancient Jiaohe City, Sugong Pagoda, Mogao Grottces, Minsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring, Great Wall Museum, sculpure of the Mother Yellow River, the White pagoda park, provincial museum, ancient city walls, the Forest of Stone Tablets,the provincial museum, Terra-Cotta Army and Huaqin spring Pool.
china unique tour - SRA02:8 Days Silk Road Exploration A
SRA02:8 Days Silk Road Exploration A
The Silk Road started in the ancient city Chang'an ( Xian ), passed Tianshui, Lanzhou, Jiayuguan, Dunhuangmogao Caves and Loulan ancient city, then at last reach Xinjiang.By taking the Silk Road tour and going through the Silk Road this time, you can appreciate many graceful scenes of the desert, the white snow in the Tian Mountain and so on.
china unique tour - SRA07:14 Days Tour of Beijing Urumqi Turpan Dunhuang Xining Lanzhou Xian  and Shanghai
SRA07:14 Days Tour of Beijing Urumqi Turpan Dunhuang Xining Lanzhou Xian and Shanghai
Ancient Silk Road, where the cultures of East and West meet, will take you to the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, a local family visit in Turpan, the famous Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar and more sightseeing in Beijing, Xining, Lanzhou, Xian and Shanghai...

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