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china unique tour - Top China Winter Destinations
Top China Winter Destinations
Travel to China in winter! Fewer travelers, low rates and more time in each site… There are more advantages beside the above! Ski in northeast of China, experience the Chinese New Year in villages or take sunbath in Sanya… You make your own decision in this winter!
china unique tour - China Ethnic Villages tours
China Ethnic Villages tours
China has 56 ethnic groups. Many of them still remain mysterious to the outside world with their own unique culture, customs and beautiful natural living surroundings. This China ethnic facts tour offers what you want in China!
china unique tour - Chinese Porcelain tours
Chinese Porcelain tours
Chinese ceramic plays a predominant role in the country`s culture and it is one of the most widely known contributions of China to the world. Our China Ceramic Tours provide you a chance to visit the main production towns of fine China ceramic, for example, Jing De Zhen of Jiangxi Province and Yao County of Shaanxi Province.----- You could have a closer look to the magnificent art. The making procedures and the background story of the art will also be explained to you. China Ceramic Tours are something you cannot afford to miss if you are a fan of Chinese art, history or culture.
china unique tour - China Delicious Cate Tour
China Delicious Cate Tour
When a banquet is held, usually ten to twelve people sit around a table to enjoy the bounteous feast. Delicious hot and cold dishes with different tastes and flavors cooked in different ways are served. Together with the diversified colors of the dishes, everyone can't help marveling at the rich Chinese dietetic culture.
china unique tour - Leisure Experience tour
Leisure Experience tour
There are too much stress and competition in modern life. Let's run away from the heavy works and uproariousness of the city. Having a bath in the Hot spring, you'll get rid of all tired and unhappiness immediately. The efficacy of hot spring is also that contact with the skin, the better the health of beauty!
china unique tour - Private Tour in China
Private Tour in China
Maybe the package tours aren't suit for you, they are inflexible and can't tailor-maded. It's possible you don't satisfy with coach-tours, there are some strangers in one itinerary. So this tour way is your best choice, you can inquire any change in the itinerary and can have a travel only with your fellows. How nice!
china unique tour - Tea Culture tour
Tea Culture tour
Maybe you're very interested in Chinese Tea. The use of Tea is not only can be drunk, but also can be found the joy in it. Chinese tea ceremony is also famous to the world. Now it can provide a speacial tour for knowing the famous Chinese Tea to you!
china unique tour - Hiking&Trekking and mountaineering Tour
Hiking&Trekking and mountaineering Tour
It's possible for you to have an unusual tour in China. Hiking & Trekking the Great Wall in Beijing is different from the classic Great Wall tours. It's worthy hiking the four famous mountains of China than just visiting them. All kinds of special hiking tours wait for you!
china unique tour - Evening Entertainment
Evening Entertainment
It isn't enough that just have the tour in day-time during travelling China. Because the evening entertainments are also interesting and exciting. In different places, it has its own local evening entertainment. Don't make your travelling evening so quiet, let's enjoy the special evening in China!
china unique tour - Single city private tour
Single city private tour
If you don't have too much time to visit all famous cities in China. You can choose the representative city to explore. Here we provide the typical scenic spots in every famous places, it can help you travel each single city all-sided so that you mustn't miss any fascinating tourist sight !
china unique tour - Supervalue Seat in Coach Tour
Supervalue Seat in Coach Tour
Coach tour is one of the low-cost tours. You can the same feeling obtained from travelling as the private tour. We provide the air conditioning coaches which have the supervalue seats and professional drivers and guides. Choose this tour way, you can get substantial and satisfied trip!
china unique tour - Guilin 2 nights/3 days tour
Guilin 2 nights/3 days tour
Join this tour, you can have a trip with the beautifull scenic spots in Guilin. During the itinerary, you will take a full day cruise trip on Li River and get to Yangshuo which a place of pastoral patchwork of fields, rivers and limestone peaks and so many spots, such as Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill and so on.
china unique tour - Beijing & Xian One day Highlight Tour
Beijing & Xian One day Highlight Tour
This tour line can be satisfied with you during your one day tour in Xi'an. The less time you spent, but the more famous scenic spots of Xi'an you can travel. Your departure can decide at any day so that you don't disturb you usual life. It's really worthy for the busy working people!
china unique tour - Beijing&Xian  (Every Friday) Weekend Tour
Beijing&Xian (Every Friday) Weekend Tour
This tour line can provide you get a trip around all famous scenic spots in Xi'an with a shorter time and cheap price at weekend. Start your this trip on Friday night and sleep in the train, the Saturday early morning arrive in Xi'an which you'll travel two days,get back Beijing in Sunday afternoon.
china unique tour - China Classic Tour
China Classic Tour
These tours have already been proved during the tourism development of China, so they provide the all-sided tour lines that can help you to be familiar with the scenic spots all over China! All these tour lines are reasonable and reliable, you'll satisfy with them!

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