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Silk Road Adventure

china unique tour - SRA06:13 Days Silk Road Tour
SRA06:13 Days Silk Road Tour
This tour route is Xian-Dunhuang-Turpan-Urumqi-Kashgar-Urumqi-Beijing. You can feature all famous scenic spots in these cities. The Silk Road is the ancient trade road but also the friendship road between China and western country! The New Silk Road has been extended to Beijing.
china unique tour - SRA05:17 Days Silk Road Adventure Tour
SRA05:17 Days Silk Road Adventure Tour
The name "Silk Road," introduced to the intrepid traveler's vocabulary over a century ago by the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin, conjures up images of desert caravans, lush oases, snow-capped mountains, and colorful markets where exotic goods change hands amid the cacophony of even more exotic languages. Where many destinations promise enchantment and adventure, travel on the Silk Road through China is one of the few that really delivers.

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