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china unique tour - What
What's the Best Time to Visit China?
From ice festivals in the north to tropical beach resorts in the south, China's such a vast and diverse place that you're sure to find great things to do and amazing places to be no matter when or where you go. For example, if you don't like Beijing in January, hop on a plane to the beaches of Sanya, semi-tropical Guangzhou, the jungles of southern Yunnan or temperate Hong Kong. Or make the best of the cold by hitting the ski slopes in Sichuan or Heilongjiang and visiting the famous Harbin Ice Festival.
china unique tour - Learn Simple Chinese
Learn Simple Chinese
when you are traveling in China, just try to speak simple Chinase languageand do some exchange with local Chinese people, which will bring more real experience for China tours.
china unique tour - Medical Issues in China
Medical Issues in China
The most important thing you can do when planning and enjoying an international trip is to see to your health and safety needs. If you get ill, you will not be productive on business and you certainly will not have fun if you are on vacation.----
china unique tour - Health issues during China Trip
Health issues during China Trip
Tourist travel in China can be extremely strenuous and may be especially debilitating to someone in poor health. It is necessary to bring personal medical record, particularly for those with a history of coronary or pulmonary diseases. They should have a complete medical checkup before making final travel plans. The absence of your medical records would make you disoriented when emergency occurs.
china unique tour - Departure for your China Travel
Departure for your China Travel
Welcome to Travel Planning 101. Here you will find everything you could possibly want to know about where you are going and what to do to prepare to get there! Each of our major countries and cities is found within this travel guide. Just the travel facts! Including:
china unique tour - Travel Costs in China
Travel Costs in China
For example, if you take a private tour in Beijing, Tour cost USD 50 P/P. If you travel alone, pay extra USD 15 for the same tour and the prices include entrance fees and lunch as listed, private car or van with English speaking guide. And another example, a 6-day round- trip private tour of Beijing and Guilin with daily departure tour cost USD 830 per person.
china unique tour - Where to Go For China Tour?
Where to Go For China Tour?
China, a land of red pagodas, cosmopolitan cities, the breathtaking jagged peaked scenery of Guilin and the Yangtze River’s Three Gorges, the Great Wall, vast terracotta armies, fabulous food, colourful culture and more history than you can shake a stick at. Discover Confucianism, explore hanging temples, Buddhist caves and stone forests, climb mountains and cruise rivers, let on the go take you there!
china unique tour - How to make travel Plan?
How to make travel Plan?
Before you make specific travel plan, you should make sure of two things that how long and how much money you want to spend on the trip. After that, you need to spend some time doing some research, such as finding your preferred itinerary by searching various choices and joining a tour group or being independent traveler.
china unique tour - Preparing for Travel in China
Preparing for Travel in China
Planning a trip to China is an exciting adventure in itself. There are a lot of different things to think about before you go, and some things that you have to do before you even set foot in the airport. For many countries,---
china unique tour - China Health & Medical Service
China Health & Medical Service
Health is inevitably one of the important things you should always bear in mind either in your life or traveling. You are suggested to have a physical examination to determine whether you have a good or proper health condition to begin your travel. For anyone who have not yet recovered from acute illness, have severe illnesses such as cerebral,
china unique tour - China Accommodation
China Accommodation
Hotels are opening across China with alarming frequency meaning there is no shortage of accommodation, even in peak season. There is a good range of hotels from budget to luxury. International-standard hotels can be found in cities throughout China
china unique tour - China Customs Declaration
China Customs Declaration
Each visitor to China is required to complete a customs declaration form and health declaration form; these forms are distributed by the cabin crew during the flight to China. The customs form must be filled out in duplicate and include a listing of items of value you are declaring--i.e., all currencies (including cash and traveler's checks
china unique tour - Safety & Security in China
Safety & Security in China
China is generally a safe country. however petty street crime is on the rise as tourist numbers increase. In larger cities we recommend you wear as little jewellery as possible and make sure your spending money is kept in a secure place close to your body
china unique tour - Travel Documents
Travel Documents
A passport, valid for at least 3 month after your visit to China and the necessary visa or permits if you are traveling with our program. The visa should be approved prior to entering China and a permit for Tibet must be obtained 15 days before entering Tibet. If you only plan to travel and stay in Hong Kong you are exempt from applying for a China visa.
china unique tour - Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
We suggest that one should consider purchasing a travel insurance policy when planning your travel. You should be aware of your rights and benefits of the policy for travel insurance. Make sure that your policy covers unexpected circumstances. A reputable insurance company always provides a wide range of travel insurance plans, which are more than enough to meet your special needs
china unique tour - Exchanging Money in China
Exchanging Money in China
RMB is not traded on international markets and can be officially purchased or exchanged only in China. Foreign currencies and traveler's checks may be converted to RMB at hotels. The rate of currency exchange is the same everywhere in China
china unique tour - China Money
China Money
For years, the yuan was pegged at 8.29 to the US dollar, but in 2005 it was floated and has been slowly strengthening ever since. As of April 2009, it is around ¥6.83 to the US dollar.
china unique tour - China Food and Drink
China Food and Drink
The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu once said: "Governing a great nation is much like cooking a small fish." He meant that governing a country required just the right "seasonings" and adjustments for successful results. This metaphor clearly illustrates the significance that food occupies in Chinese culture!
china unique tour - Chinese Time Difference
Chinese Time Difference
For the unity, the whole China adopts Beijing Time as its standard time, which is also in the time zone (GMT+8). Beijing Time is worked out and released from the National Time Service Center, Pucheng County, Shaanxi Province, which is geographically almost the center of China. Unlike western countries, China now does not follow the daylight saving time. For the current local times, please refer to the The World Clock.
china unique tour - Photography FAQ of Chinese
Photography FAQ of Chinese
You can purchase film or digital memory cards in China, but we suggest you buy them before your departure since not all films or memory cards will match your camera. Here are tips for your photography in China.

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